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However, there is no such difference in structures of both organizations (Hammoudi, 2012). Although the structure and basic principles of leadership are same in both types of…
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What do you expect from leadership in a Non profit organization such as a Church
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LEADERSHIP IN A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION goes here] [Your goes here] [Due the paper] Leadership in a Non Profit Organization
Leadership in a non-profit organization is different from the leadership in a for profit organization. However, there is no such difference in structures of both organizations (Hammoudi, 2012). Although the structure and basic principles of leadership are same in both types of organization, but in non-profit organizations, the approach towards employee and organizational issues is somewhat different from the approach that leaders adopt to deal with these issues. The main focus of leadership in non profit organizations is to improve organizational effectiveness and performance. Let us discuss the roles of readership in a non-profit organization, such as, a church.
One of the roles that leadership can play in churches is to motivate church administration to provide best available facilities to the people who come to offer prayers. “A non-profit organization exists to serve some need or group of people” (Meyers, 2012). The fact is that when people coming to churches to offer prayers and to get spiritual relief will get all facilities and a peaceful environment, they will continue coming there and a religious culture will continue to develop. Therefore, leaders need to motivate administration to do the best they can for the people coming to churches.
Another role that leadership can play in churches is to motivate priests to preach Christianity from their hearts and souls. Priests are the sources of inspiration for people to whom people look for religious guidance. They need to do this to convey true messages of Christianity to the followers. The fact is that in the present world, economic and social situations have become so much complex that there need to be some people who should be able to neutralize the feelings of anxiety, anger, and resentment in people. Churches can perform this role very effectively by arranging religious programs to refresh spiritual and religious self of people.
The aim of non-profit organizations is to provide free of cost services to people (Tatum, 2012). In churches, leadership should play the role of servant leaders who can see the bigger picture of the issues by considering both positive and negative aspects of social and religious issues, social constructs, and moral perceptions. “The servant leader understands that power is to serve others and not for self-aggrandizement” (Mark, 2011). Humility, trust, empowerment, and service are the virtues that should be there in a church’s leadership. Some core responsibilities of a church’s leadership should be to provide inspiration to their followers, to pay attention towards the concerns of people who come to churches, and to provide them with good religious and spiritual services. I expect these qualities in a church’s leadership because people come to churches for moral and religious guidance. They will get it only when administration and all other people regulating the church feel their responsibility to meet the concerns of people coming to churches.
These were some of the roles and responsibilities that I expect from the leadership of a church. I believe that every person going to the church expects a peaceful and morally supportive environment. Therefore, leadership of a church needs to ensure provision of a peaceful and spiritual environment, as well as best services and religious guidance to people.

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