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New Age Movement: Tithing and Offering Replaced by Economic Empowerment at the Expense of Congregants - Coursework Example

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"New Age Movement: Tithing and Offering Replaced by Economic Empowerment at the Expense of Congregants" paper found that the movement fosters improvement and empowerment of the self and of others. There is a great reliance on oneself, and an emphasis on self developmen…
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New Age Movement: Tithing and Offering Replaced by Economic Empowerment at the Expense of Congregants
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Extract of sample "New Age Movement: Tithing and Offering Replaced by Economic Empowerment at the Expense of Congregants"

Download file to see previous pages According to the Bible, tithes and offerings given in the right spirit, are sure to reap bountiful rewards for the person (Standish, 1997). However, the New Age Movement believes that rather than continuing with the practice of tithes and offerings, Churchs’ congregations need to economically empower those who need financial assistance.

The term New Age Movement is used for a broad spectrum of spiritual expression increasingly adopted since the late 1980s. It is not merely an extension of the new religions of the 1960s and the 1970s, but also has roots in spiritualism and occultist pratices, which were prevalent in western Europe and north America in the mid- to late-nineteenth century, and were restricted to particular groups. The movement believes in an essential “truth” and unity. Self-development, the higher self and the perfect inner life are emphasized on, for a way of life that is “optimistic, celebratory, and utopian, with a spiritual form of humanism” (Hunt, 2003, p.133).

One of the perspectives about the movement is that it displays cult-like characteristics, employing a range of values that are in opposition to traditional culture (Hunt, 2005). The New Age Movement fills a spiritual vacuum, and satisfies the need for meaning which traditional religions can no longer provide and is in alignment with contemporary culture (Heelas, 1996). Individualistic religious experience is emphasized on, as against a reliance on the systematized beliefs of traditional religion. Further, there is a great deal of toleration of other religions, with a strong foundation in theosophy and the belief that all religions are based on an essential, common truth.

The New Age Movement focuses on man’s potential (Hunt, 2005) related to holistic philosophies which consider the mind, body and spirit as the basic constituents of human beings; hence, a spiritual rather than a psychological foundation underlines the movement. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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New Age Movement: Tithing and Offering Replaced by Economic Coursework.
(New Age Movement: Tithing and Offering Replaced by Economic Coursework)
New Age Movement: Tithing and Offering Replaced by Economic Coursework.
“New Age Movement: Tithing and Offering Replaced by Economic Coursework”.
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