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TerraCog global positioning systems:conflict and communication on project aerial - Essay Example

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The company has had exceptional product design and functionality (Beer & Yong, 2008). However, TerraCog’s competitors threaten to displace it by creating products that includes…
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TerraCog global positioning systems:conflict and communication on project aerial
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Extract of sample "TerraCog global positioning systems:conflict and communication on project aerial"

Terracog Global Positioning Systems: Conflict and Communication on Project Aerial Task “TerraCog Global Positioning Systems: Conflict and Communication on Project Aerial”
TerraCog is a corporation that specializes in processing quality Global positioning systems. The company has had exceptional product design and functionality (Beer & Yong, 2008). However, TerraCog’s competitors threaten to displace it by creating products that includes satellite imagery in their GPS equipment. This addition in their GPS systems assists them gain a considerable market share since the customers appreciate it.
With the current improvements in the GPS systems, the demand for efficient and modifications of TerraCog’s GPS systems design is increasing. TerraCog was planning to launch a new project aerial to ensure the “aerial” is of better quality and competitive (Beer & Yong, 2008). However, its launch is undergoing constraints with the executive management and design departments differing over decision-making. TerraCog’s president, Richard Fiero and his deputy, Ed Pyror solely made the decision to commence project aerial. The design and development team felt neglected from the decision making process.
Intense discussions by the design team, the company president Richard Fiero and the vice president, Ed Pryor, will help end the constraints hindering the production of Aerial. Reorganizing their decision will go further in ensuring the corporation’s objectives are met.
It is clear that TerraCog is losing its market share and speedy initiation Aerial production could help them regain their market share (Beer & Yong, 2008). Additionally TerraCog’s management needs to empower the Design and development team to bring forth innovative ways of enhancing their GPS systems.
Application of the above recommendations will assist TerraCog realize its objectives and create GPS systems that are comparatively better than its competitors are. Additionally, management would be efficient.
Beer, M. & Yong, S. (2008). TerraCog Global Positioning Systems: Conflict and
Communication on Project Aerial. Harvard Business Review
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