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The use and deployment of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for attack missions in a military theater and surveillance in an active combat environment as well as domestic surveillance operations has been a topic racked in controversy. The issue at hand, not only involves the…
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (UAVs)
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will examine the controversy at hand and examine the validity of these arguments regarding the concerns of not only private citizens and international organizations, but also the military and federal law. This research paper will investigate “How the development of technology in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (UAVs) has improved the governments objective of minimizing, preventing and anticipating terrorist attacks inside and outside the United States, in spite of controversies affecting citizens privacy regarding constitutional rights.”
The use of drones or UAVs to target alleged terrorists networks within the Afghanistan war zone and other foreign regions of conflict has expanded despite of the controversies regarding drone strikes and the collateral damage of killed or injured innocent civilian casualties. The military brass and the government tend to consider these instances, many times as a necessary cost of war therefore an acceptable loss or cost. Regardless of controversies, it appears that the use of weaponized UAVs or drones is here to stay and will only expand in the scope and use of such technologies in the future not only in foreign conflicts but domestically also. Many opponents of the use of drones for conflicts argue that this so called “drone war” is a symptom of the failure of U.S. ground wars in Afghanistan and they caution against the overuse of such unmanned technologies. Drone strikes have already been reported in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and even in Iraq where the ground war is over and in Afghanistan is dwindling down. The use UAVs will probably become more commonplace since the fight against terrorists will become more decentralized and technologically driven. Clinton Watts, a senior fellow at The George Washington Universitys Homeland Security Policy Institute, argues” I Think this is the future”...It is the most effective tool we have in a counter terrorism ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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