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Career Coaching & Personal Development - Assignment Example

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In the paper "Career Coaching & Personal Development" the author describes that this module was very important and helped him reflect on his personality, attributes, and careers that he would comfortably fit into. This was exceptionally important to him thus it is now easier for him to make wise choices concerning his career life…
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Career Coaching & Personal Development
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Extract of sample "Career Coaching & Personal Development"

Download file to see previous pages The week’s lecture involved the use of questionnaire one of which had been prepared by our lecturer. The module highlighted Person-environment (P-E) fit theory of organizational behavior, which forms the basis for assessing and predicting our personality, determine our skills and our preferable careers. The first questionnaire was about scoring myself on my skill. We first filled a questionnaire followed by adding up our scores. I scored highest on People Skills, which suggested that I like carrying out activities such as management, guiding others, in addition to activities that require persuasiveness.These traits suggested that my preferable careers were management, as well as other jobs in the field of business. This was encouraging since I had never considered myself persuasive. These findings made me realize that I had more potential than I had previously thought and needed to be open-minded since I could do other jobs other than management. The next questionnaire was on Career Directions Indication, which was based on the model of John Holland in the form of a hexagon, depicting the six different personalities or themes, which include Realistic, Investigative, Artistic Social, Enterprising, and conventional. People who share the same personality prefer working together and have a specific work environment in which they perform best.  Holland’s model is based on Person-environment (P-E) fit theory and denotes the congruence, match, or connection between the personalities and environment. Understanding one's personality is important in that it helps one choose a career that provides the appropriate environment. It was intriguing to learn that all individuals may be associated with this model of personality types and that one can fall in up to three of these themes. The model is hexagonal and the different personalities are arranged such that personality types that are neighbouring share some similarities while those lying oppositely differ more. I eagerly completed the questionnaire and the results proposed that I fall into is ‘Enterprising’, ‘Social’ and ‘conventional’ themes. This was captivating since the three personality types lie adjacent to each other. Being in enterprising category meant that I prefer managerial and sales type of jobs, which is true. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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