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Coaching - Essay Example

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Coaching Name: Institution: Coaching The need to enhance learning has propelled many groups to have endless sessions, which involve coaching, so as to bring out the best in the learning field. Coaching is often done to teachers and educators so that they assist learners in their intellectual development…
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Extract of sample "Coaching"

Download file to see previous pages Cognitive coaching is the term given to these coaching strategies that offer something to every teacher. Teachers and heads of learning institutions are educated on the thinking behind their practices, and how it may benefit this practice, in the long run. This paper will examine the effect of cognitive coaching in the education sector, and how it supports teacher leadership. Impact of cognitive coaching on the current education climate Cognitive coaching, over the years, has assisted teachers in a number of ways. First, teachers are no longer self-centred and do not feel isolated (Knight, 2008). When isolated, teachers tend to act out by imposing self-rule on their learners. This is often not appreciated by the learners, and they also tend to act out as a sign of rebellion. It is often believed that teachers are in this practice for their own benefit. Lately, this belief is being pushed out the window. The introduction of several programs, for example, No Child Left Behind, proves that the success of students is no longer a problem for the institution or parents. It is proof that the district and the entire community are affected if students fail to attain exceptional grades in school. These ramifications offer enough incentive to the parties involved, making them work harder toward helping each other grow intellectually (Costa & Garmston, 1994). Through cognitive coaching, teachers are made aware that individuals need one another. This might come in the form of student-teacher relations, or teacher-teacher relations, or student-student relations. These relationships enable students and teachers alike, to grow in an environment that fosters understanding among all of them (Knight, 2008). This leads to the creation of a conducive surrounding for learning. All the educational reforms that are taking centre stage in the world today are addressed in cognitive coaching. In one way, there is the need to have teachers behave and relate to learners professionally. This is happening as many teachers are taught how to handle learners of different ages. Cognitive coaching further increases a teacher’s intellectual capacity, which they might exhibit in their careers. It is through coaching that a teacher’s behaviour and thinking is influenced toward creating a healthier climate. This is for learning and increases self-modifying conduct in all the groups involved. This fosters superior understanding in and out of the learning environment, for both teachers and students. Cognitive coaching can extend outside the classroom or school boundaries. It can influence outside behaviours and assist in shaping personal lives. Furthermore, through cognitive coaching, teachers have a higher level of analysis (Costa & Garmston, 1994). This is encouraged through active listening and building of stronger relationships. How cognitive coaching is supporting teacher leadership Cognitive coaching is assisting in re-defining the teacher’s role. It is turning their role into something students can identify with in the learning environment. Advocating for teachers to be more of facilitators and coaches in the learning environment goes hand in hand with the growing technological age (Knight, 2008). Many institutions are increasing the use of computers to educate and increase understanding in the classroom. As students get to view their teachers as facilitators, they get more comfortable with them. It becomes easier to approach most of them with any problems they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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