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Earning a Quality Award - Research Paper Example

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Malcolm Baldrige quality award was set to appreciate the hard work of United States of America organizations, businesses, healthcare, education and non-profit sectors for excellent performance. It is offered by the president of the United States under the Baldrige performance…
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Earning a Quality Award
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Extract of sample "Earning a Quality Award"

Earning a Quality Award Introduction Malcolm Baldrige quality award was set to appreciate the hard work of United States of America organizations, businesses, healthcare, education and non-profit sectors for excellent performance. It is offered by the president of the United States under the Baldrige performance excellence program (Brown, 2001). One of the companies that have been privileged to receive this award is the Bamas Company, a food manufacturing entity that won the award in 2004. The company invented better strategies in offering its services to people and dealing with its employees contributed to winning the coveted award.
Steps taken by Bamas Co. to winning the award
The first step that led to winning the award was the fact that the company had been consistent in offering quality services to its customers. This was in line with the requirements of the of the Malcolm Baldrige standards.
Secondly, despite the company not winning the award for many years since it’s founding, they went ahead to make use of quality feedbacks received over the years from the award winners to improve their standards. Mike Frihart, a director at the company, was determined to complete applications for the award winning for several years and therefore highlighting the company’s willingness to continuously advance by regularly reviewing their performance standards.
In the third step, the management adopted employee motivation schemes to encourage them to participate optimally to yield high quality products. They were rewarded with financial incentives proportionate to the company’s success, which enabled the company to retain and employ workers with sufficient skills leading to the manufacture of the best possible products.
Benefits of earning quality awards
Winning an award is appreciated the world over. Winners of any kind of award get a boost and are branded as achievers in their dealings. In this context, awards have been accompanied by the following benefits:
Improved sales
Companies that have won awards realize increase in the sales of their products because the awards act to prove validity of their products and reassure customers that the goods they consume are worthy. New customers also get influenced by this confirmation and in the long run demand for their products increases thereby improving sales.
Higher customer satisfaction
An award confirms good quality of goods/services by an organization. Through this, products/services are proved to be of required standards and the customers always feel satisfied to consuming safe goods. This is comparable to soccer scenarios. For instance, Barcelona FC has satisfied fans world over since they win awards every year. Fans, therefore, always feel safe and proud to identify with them.
Elevated employee productivity
The employees of a company or any other organization are always motivated to work when they realize their productions are better and are appreciated to a point of winning an award. This benefits those particular bodies say Bama Co. thus increasing productivity.
In conclusion, winning an award has had great positive impacts on individuals and organizations. It has led to healthy competition and has ensured quality production besides tremendous effort to improve performance.
Brown, M. G. (2001). Baldrige award winning quality eleventh edition covers the 2001 award criteria (11th ed.). Portland, Or.: Productivity, Inc.. Read More
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