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Florida Merid Award Program evaluation - Term Paper Example

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The program was meant to provide performance pay supplements, funded by the state, to teachers and administrators with high performance. Participation in the program by schools is voluntary, but…
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Florida Merid Award Program evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages A school district may make available extra pay supplements for the workers who display good work attendance. The awarding of the additional payment is done in accordance with an assessment of the performance of the employee. Student performance, mainly, forms the base for the assessment. School-based administrator’s assessment is based on student’s (as a group) performance. School teachers get evaluated by the school principal while school-based administrators get evaluated by the district superintendents. The evaluation is done in relation to their (teachers and administrators) specific assessments (Chait, 2007).
Teachers form a foundation of all reform efforts in education. Improvement of teaching workforce quality results to the success of the teachers. According to research, a well performing teacher is an asset to all students, especially those who live in poverty. In merit pay for teachers, teachers are offered incentives in form of money so as to improve the performance of students in their respective classes and performance of the school at large (Buddin et al, 2007). The Florida merit award program has proved to be successful and advantageous in a number of ways. Some of the strengths of the program include:
The program also motivates employees. Research indicates that an increase of one percent may increase the performance of the employees by about two percent. However, providing bonuses for good performance is more effective as compared to automatic pay rise since it can elevate the performance of an employee to as much as nineteen percent
Merit award program attracts qualified applicants or candidates to the profession of teaching, since incomes vary largely and have a basis on the strength of local teachers unions and local tax revenue
The results received are positive. The program enhances high productivity or increased work quality as result of employees working ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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