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Contemporary issues in international event management - Essay Example

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It is the process of keeping the system running without depleting the resources to fulfill the needs of current and the succeeding…
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Contemporary issues in international event management
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Extract of sample "Contemporary issues in international event management"

Download file to see previous pages role of this paper is to look at the international standards of sustainable event management, which are key concepts that make an event a success (Anderson 2010).
According to Bowdin (2011) sustainability in event management refers to the decision-making, planning and participation in an event while being environmentally and socially responsible. An Event Management Industry, which does not respond to sustainability and does not operate within the sustainable management then the company, is likely to fail. Events have extraordinarily been used as a part of the organization’s brand experience. Hence it should be accessed alongside with the impact that it has on the environment. A company has to ensure the sustainable management of events and supplier activities in a more organized manner. The general public is demanding a clear and transparent system from the companies that has a higher brand value attributed to a certain service or a product. Sustainable event management is becoming more diverse, any industry now can host any event. The products and materials that are used to produce an event all have the negative impacts on the environment, but these negative impacts can be reduced through using products that are environmental friendly, organic and fair trade(Bowdin 2011).
Without doubt, a manager is a person who is held accountable to development of things that will promote the condition that they are controlling. There are several elements that are considered for one to be a manager of sustainability. Ideally, one needs to possess the ability to control matters and establish solutions that will be sustainable. The movement towards sustainable management establishes that institutions are starting to carry out a systems extensive approach that connects in the numerous segments of the business with greater focus on the environment. As sustainable management organization adapt to certain approaches, it becomes critically significant they integrate a picture ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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