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Events Impact and Events Stakeholder Management - Essay Example

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This paper will attempt to put into context the various stakeholders in events as well as the function of the managers and the impacts, both positive and negative with a view to understanding how they integrate into management…
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Events Impact and Events Stakeholder Management
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Extract of sample "Events Impact and Events Stakeholder Management"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings, there are several types of events and they are primarily differentiated by their scope and function, they range from low-key corporate ones to highly publicized product launches and advertising campaigns to sporting activities such as the FIFA world cup and the Olympics. Additionally, there are cultural events specific to particular cultures and societies, at the extreme high of events there are festivals, which are essentially mega-events that involve hundreds, sometimes thousands and last for days on end. Events, however, do not happen in the abstract, they require substantial resources in the form of labor capital and land, like every other industry they also have a set of impacts that result from their occurrence. These impacts can be either positive or negative, in many instances, events bring about social and cultural integration as well as economic progress especially those designed to promote tourism such as culture festival. The event industry employs thousands of people in varies capacities and this creation of employment is a major positive impact of the same. Notwithstanding, there are several negative impacts resulting from events, the main ones include environmental degradation as well as cultural interference and economic imbalances. Given the complexities that are involved in event planning and management, the stakeholder's event managers are often faced with a challenging task in their attempt to coordinate all the activities and resources necessary to bring an event to a successful conclusion. The stakeholders involved in any event may include; organizer, employee’s service and catering providers, emergency services, and secure transport and media staff as well as the members of the public who have attended the particular event. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Events Impact and Events Stakeholder Management Essay”, n.d.
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