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Task Environment of an organization of your choice - Essay Example

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This company aimed at producing an educational device for children. As an educational device, the device is able to store substantial amount of information in it. So as, to regulate the kind of…
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Task Environment of an organization of your choice
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Extract of sample "Task Environment of an organization of your choice"

Task Environment of an organization al affiliation Task Environment of an organization Company X deals with production of the Kids iPod, a new product in the market. This company aimed at producing an educational device for children. As an educational device, the device is able to store substantial amount of information in it. So as, to regulate the kind of information accessed by the children through the internet, the company X aimed at creating a device that would allow the guardians regulate the content accessed by their children. An inclusion of games in the device has made it easier to capture the attention of the children. Through the device, children can also learn various concepts, from education, games and any aspect they wish. With all these features, the company is better placed to compete in the market with the normal iPod producing companies, with its features attracting a large clientele base.
Task environment is inclusive of all the sectors that are directly correlate d with the organization so as to attain its goals and objectives. This environment is mostly related to the industrial aspect of the organization, the marketing aspect, as well as, human resource management. In essence, the task environment is much more concerned with the external environment of the business and all the factors that are directly correlated to the successful operation of the business. Daft (2010) indicates that the task environment comprises of factors that concern the production of services for the organization and the setting of the business.
In the course of claiming its share in the marketplace, Company X must regularly aim to stay in touch with the clients’ needs, which are to provide efficient services to the children so that they maintain their clients. In terms of the company’s competitors, it is vital that, the company always offers quality products in a consistent and constant manner so as to beat other iPod producing companies in the market. This is done, by always being at par with the competitors’ new skills of production, market share and new inventions. This can be done through advertisements, reports, trade shows, amongst others. Company X must ensure that it suppliers of raw materials always offer the best raw materials, its labor force continually mobilized and adhering to the governments policies on conduction of business.
In the course of compiling this paper, it is evident that, the external environment is vital in the success of a business. The management must constantly interact with the external environment so as to make certain that they remain relevant. All the elements that comprise of a business must be combined so as to come up with a workable solution on the success of the business. All organizations have to fit in the domain of environments, if they have to meet their goals and objectives. Finally, just like Daft (2010) argues, all the subsections of the organizations must be highlighted in an attempt to scrutinize the likelihood of the organization’s success basing on their abilities to fit in the existing market.
Daft, R.L. (2010). Organization theory and design. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning. Read More
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