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Learning jounal - Essay Example

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The learning skills that I have opted for this learning paper are team working, communication and leadership skills. While working in form of a team, I have gained experience about…
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Learning jounal
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Download file to see previous pages Team working also facilitates people with further learning related to professionalism. In professional lives, team working is very significant, as people are required to be in teams.
Team working also deals with communication. Communication is a skill that accommodates people to deal with one another. With the help of communication, people learn about living and working in group and teams. With the help of communication, we are able to get information and knowledge about people’s thinking, ideas and skills. Communication is a two way process in which the speaker and listener both have to communicate in a business setting in order to facilitate further communication.
Leadership’s significance cannot be devalued as it is the leader who is able to keep people in teams and who facilitates them to follow him/her as a torch bearer (Renesch 1994). A leader is one who keeps people motivated towards tasks’ performance. In organizations and companies, leadership is very persuasive aspect, as it is only because of leaders that employees accompany each other towards a single motive and objective. Therefore, while working in a team, I learnt about team working, communication and leadership, all of which are very fundamental in professional life. All of these skills are interlinked to each other.
Group effectiveness is very crucial in obtainment of jobs done. For every task or performance that is to be done by a group, there are some factors that are necessary to make the group productive and effective. The key factors that influence the effectiveness of a group are the characteristics of group members such as relevant professional skills, interpersonal skills, balanced diversity and time frame, member role, group size, norms, cohesiveness, development, adjourning and virtual communication (Devine, et. al 1999).
Team working is all about cooperation and collaborative working because people are not working as individuals but ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Learning Jounal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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