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Comparing of two corpora from a linguistic journal and a transcribed interview - Essay Example

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This study compares two small corpora, each comprising 300 words, taken from a linguistic journal and a transcribed interview. The texts are therefore diverse in terms of content, style, register and their proposed audience, and are compared and contrasted in terms of the linguistic properties…
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Comparing of two corpora from a linguistic journal and a transcribed interview
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Extract of sample "Comparing of two corpora from a linguistic journal and a transcribed interview"

Download file to see previous pages This study compared two differing corpora, each 300 words in length, for four different linguistic variables. The corpora were extracted from a linguistic journal and a transcribed interview and the linguistic variables were number of sentences, average length of sentences, number and type of dependent clauses and number of contractions. Results supported Hypotheses 1 and 4, wherein more and shorter sentences and more contractions were found in the transcribed interview corpus than in the linguistic journal extract. The findings did not support Hypothesis 2 because even though the linguistic extract provided less and longer sentences it was the interview extract that provided more dependent clauses within the 300 words. Hypothesis 3 was only partly supported because the linguistic journal corpus did not provide evidence of more dependent noun clauses than other types of dependent clauses. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Comparing of Two Corpora from a Linguistic Journal and a Transcribed Essay)
Comparing of Two Corpora from a Linguistic Journal and a Transcribed Essay.
“Comparing of Two Corpora from a Linguistic Journal and a Transcribed Essay”, n.d.
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