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Linguistic Analysis - Essay Example

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The following linguistic analysis is focused on a casual conversation between three people who appear to be of Asian origin, primarily Japanese. Namely, it examines a transcript of a casual conversation as a speech event, note turn taking and grammatical aspects within the text of the transcript. …
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Linguistic Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages An analysis of the underlying lexicogrammatical signatures within linguistic corpora(Gilquin et al, 2007: 322) is facilitated through error tagging systems. One example of an error tagging system that is devised by Nicholls is a three-tier system specifying the error domain (the form, grammar, lexis, etc), the category of the error (for instance, whether tense, gender or number) and the word category (adjective, noun, verb, etc), which offers tremendous potential in teaching of English as a foreign language.
One of the findings that has emerged from learner corpora is that some linguistic features are common to learners from all foreign language groups, which may be developmental, while some appear characteristic of particular linguistic groups. Riney and Takagi (1999), have highlighted the results of various studies that have examined the correlation between global foreign accent and voice onset time in Japanese EFL speakers. One of the findings was that VOT did not change over time in Japanese speakers of English, suggesting that there may be a phonological similarity between Japanese and English diaphones. While voice onset time might be similar, however, the specific pronunciation of some of the words reveals the distinct differences arising as a result of differences in dialect.
Carter and McCarthy(2006) offer the view that spoken grammars have uniquely special qualities that distinguish them from written grammar and these are sometimes elements perceived to be errors in written speech. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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