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Annotated Biblography Assignment - Essay Example

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Topic Name of the Student of Professor Chong, S. T., Mohamad, M.S., & Er, A.C., (2013). The Mental Health Development in Malaysia: History, Current Issues and Future Development, Malaysia: Asian Social Science, Vol. 9, No. 6; 2013, pp…
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Annotated Biblography Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Researchers asserted that the Malaysian government, in its vigorous effort to uphold community health care for mentally ill patients, must also ensure that those who are proving services be formally educated on how to implement integrated mental community-based health care by addressing the need to immerse them with knowledge on the use of traditional multicultural belief systems specially in “family caregivers, mental health service users and service providers.” With the dearth of mental health facilities especially in rural region of Malaysia, family caregiving for mentally-ill patients became the primary resort amongst significant number of family caregivers. Researchers further argued that notwithstanding numerous scholarly studies on family caregiving services for mental illness under Western medical healthcare practices but these are not sensitive to the eastern culture of Malays. The need to have a sensitive approach on mental health care delivery pose a challenge for healthcare providers in Malaysia and indeed, the multi-dimensional ways of caregiving should be utilized as for both traditional and scientific approaches of healthcare. The researchers likewise asserted that studies should likewise be expanded to include concern to mental health social work practices. Further, it was noted that while the government recognize the role of the family in according responsible healthcare for their members as part of its culture and tradition, but mental illness care require a multidisciplinary approach too to respond to the behaviours of the patient and professional or institutional support should be highly regarded too, especially when patients are in a dire need of professional medical attention. Severely ill patients necessitate not only the traditional or customary way of mental healthcare but also professional support because mental illness is a broad illness which cannot be simply regarded as simply possession of evil spirit or a moral weakness of a patient or God’s formidable punitive way for human being’s excessive immersion to sins. There are scientific bases on mental illness and there are also specific medications that can be optimized to normalize the behaviour of a mentally ill person. Medical expert intervention is also necessary to address symptoms, effects, and impacts of mental illness to persons, especially those that have tremendous tendency to inflict harm to self or those that are possessing violent capacities. Psychiatric help is also essential in understanding the sociological context of mental illnesses. Alpar, G., Hoepman, J-H., Siljee, J. (2011). The Identity Crisis: Security, Privacy and Usability issues in Identify Management, Radboud University Nijmegen: The Sentinels, pp, 1-14. This research is focused on the ‘identity crisis’ emerging from “substantial security, privacy and usability shortcomings encountered in existing systems for identity management (Alpar, Hoepman, & Siljee, 2011, p. 1).” Substantial research is deemed essential to resolve issues arising from the utilization of information technology where ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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