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The Malaysian Nation has embarked upon a new phase of development towards entertaining its aspiration of becoming a developed nation by the year of 2020. In this regard, the Ninth Malaysian Plan has been developed to address every aspect of socio-economic factors that have…
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Human Capital development
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Download file to see previous pages nerating new sources of wealth in technology including knowledge-intensive sectors, increasing job creation, giving a lead role to the private sector in the economic development process, inculcating a high performance organisational and societal culture with excellence and expanding the regional and global market for the Malaysian services and products. Thrust two is to enhance the capacity from innovation and knowledge and to nurture first class mentality. The second thrust is comprised of improving the access to and quality of the education system at all levels by making national schools the school of choice, by providing tertiary institutions of international standing, by nurturing top quality research and development and innovation and scientific capability, by empowering youth and women, and by fostering a society with strong social and economic values. Thrust three is to address persistent socio-economic inequalities productively and constructively by eradicating poverty, diminishing regional disparity, reducing income disparity, reducing employment disparity, reducing wealth and asset disparity, upgrading competitive Bu miputera entrepreneurs, bridging the digital divide and reviewing the performance of past programmes for effectiveness. The fourth thrust is to enhance the standard and sustainability of quality of life by fulfilling housing needs along with improving urban services, enhancing health care services, upgrading the transportation system, introducing sustainability and sufficiency of energy supply, developing the water delivery system, promoting environmental preservation and protection and sustainable resource management, upgrading the role of arts, culture and heritage in society and developing sporting excellence along with a healthier lifestyle. Thrust five is to strengthen the institutional capacity by promoting good governance, promoting development through international cooperation and upgrading the public service delivery system.
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