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Super Prison Project Management - Essay Example

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1. Project Background
A prison is a defined place where people are physically confined and deprived of a range of personal freedoms such as for free movement and socialization (Blackmon D.A., 2008). …
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Super Prison Project Management
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Download file to see previous pages The act of imprisonment or incarceration is a legal penalty possibly imposed by the state for a crime committed. The history of prisons dates back to the Biblical history of Joseph in Egypt. However, it began in the 19th century in Britain and has advanced to most countries in the World. In England and Wales, the history of prisons has been that prisoners are assigned security classes when sentenced, while all prisons are provided with specific security classifications depending on the prisoners’ types and numbers recommended (Alexander M., 2012). For instance, the classifications were into category A, B, C, and D. i. Category A: Meant for those whose escape from the prisons would most likely endanger the public and national security. ii. Category B: those of no serious/ maximum security needs, however for those who needed to be highly bared from escaping the prisons. iii. Category C: convicts who own no trust from the prison administrations in case they are left in the open conditions, but are unlikely to make any escape attempts (Carlson M. and Garrett S, 1999). iv. Category D: convicts who can be reasonably trusted not to make any attempts of escaping from the prisons, and are hence provided with the privilege of an open prison. Such prisoners are subject to approval by the prison administrations and given Release On Temporary License to be able to work outside the prison and or leave for home upon passing their Full License Eligibility Date, which is usually a quarter of any sentence period (Ayers E. L., 1984). Super prison project is entitled to include among other things: religious facilities housing chaplaincy officers and other facilities for counseling; education facilities including library, with provision of adult education and continuing education opportunities; health facility; an exercise yard; a sally port; a segregation unit; a unit for vulnerable prisoners; safe cells; visiting area; a death raw; staff accommodation area; support facilities area; agriculture or industrial plant run with the convicts’ labor; a recreational area; and an administration area for prison management (Diiulio J., 1990). 2. Work Breakdown Structure This is a representation of the stakeholders’ roles in diagrammatic format (Harrison F. and Dennis L., 2004). Project management as a discipline involves planning, motivating, organizing and controlling the available resources so as to attain a specific goal; in this case the construction of the Super Prison (Young-Hoon Kwak, 2005). The stakeholders will therefore the managers of each department assigned to them. 3. Stakeholders A stakeholder is anyone involved in a project for the purpose of successful implementation of the project’s strategies. Effective implementation of this project requires composition of stakeholders who will be charged with the responsibility of foreseeing and supervising each and every activity that are undertaken (Dennis L., 2007). A number of stakeholders, each assigned specific duties will have to demonstrate their potential in undertaking the proposed functions schedule for each rank in the project management. The stake holders will include: a. Executive Sponsor The Executive Sponsor of this Super Prison development and implementation project will be the government of England, and will have the responsibilities of: owning the project and funding it directly; being responsible for the project’s benefits; providing recommended resources and key Implementation Officers to the project in a timely manner; working very closely with the Project manager to deliver the expected benefits; chairing of the Steering Committee in case called upon; approving project initiation plan, statement of project scope, project plan, and any other changes to the set plan, scope or benefits; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Super Prison Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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