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Viable System Model its Provenance Development Methodology - Essay Example

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The present essay entitled "Viable System Model its Provenance Development Methodology" deals with the application of Total Systems Intervention into creative problem-solving. It is stated that the project being assessed is the Integrated National Management Information System…
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Viable System Model its Provenance Development Methodology
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Extract of sample "Viable System Model its Provenance Development Methodology"

Download file to see previous pages The paper ends with the action steps necessary to implement the redesign. A summary and list of references are included at the end.
Total Systems Intervention (TSI) is an approach to problem-solving for any organization that stands firm with the original holistic intent of systems thinking (Flood 1994). It provides principles, processes, and tools to look at problems and organizations from a macro point of view that needs to be considered as the problem are scrutinized and analyzed into its micro-components. The micro-components must be approached not as a stand-alone entity itself, but as part of a complex system of the whole. This in consideration allows for a more comprehensive analysis and resolution process of the problem.
e. The mission and various interpretations must come together at some point, through organizational design and management style, balancing the needs of both the organization and the member ensuring the bottom line business needs is reflected.
The TSI process has three phases: creativity, choice, and implementation (Flood 1995, p.178). In creativity phase, issues are identified and brought about through the use of decontextualization, or breaking down the issue into micro components, and making sense of such components by contextualizing them into the interacting issues that need to be managed. This feeds into the choice phase where the use of methods will be implemented to find the most suitable to manage the issues. The methods will have its own strength and weakness, and so depending on how the issues are viewed, the resolution will be influenced by such strengths and weaknesses. The resolution, happening in the last phase of implementation will capture changes needed to be made on the organization, specifically and holistically in order to address the issues identified in the creativity phase. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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