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PROJECT MANAGEMENT SUPER PRISON PROJECT INTRODUCTION Project management is the discipline of management that has gained the growing importance since past two decades. Simply stating project management refers to the planning project, resource organizing, stakeholders’ coordinating to achieve the simple to complex and diverse set of goal within planned resources…
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Project Management Individual Coursework Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, the field also provides comprehensive guideline to project managers to complete project with successfully meeting challenges (Larson and Gray, 2011). Underlying report is the critical assessment of the factor the surrounding the project management of the new Super Prison Project as announced by Ministry of Justice in England. The report assesses various aspects of the project in detail. BACKGROUND Ministry of Justice in England has announced to close down seven jails in full along with two partial closures for greater valued use of tax-payers money. The plan aims to close the old uneconomic capacity of prison for approximate saving of ?63m per year in running costs. Further, the cost of keeping the prison in new project will be half to the cost being currently incurred. The proposed Super Prison project plan is aimed to provide 2000 places in contrast to the closure of 26000 places in the prisons to be closed. It would affect the 1776 prison staff with certain percentage to be re-deployed while also appreciating voluntary elimination of redundancies. The proposed project, being 25% bigger than the UK’s currently largest prison is facing concerns. ...
Howard League for Penal Reform discredited the ideas as no prospects of new building’s contribution to control crime was evident and hence considers it a mere waste of tax payers money. Mr. Grayling has also proposed the planned four new mini-prisons naming house blocks. In addition, to the proposed project that is to be followed by closure of certain jails has not achieved the favorable consensus and many others have given discrediting remarks to the idea. KEY STAGES OF THE PROJECT The project undergoes various phases from initiation to completion. The project lifecycle consists of following phases as conceptual phase, planning phase, defining and designing phase; implementation phase and conversion phase (Cleland and Gareis, 2006). MoJ has just conceptualized the plan. Time and cost factor increases as the project reaches to defining and designing. Implementation phase requires maximum time and cost as the project moves on. Therefore, while establishing Super Prison building the project will requires maximum time and efforts. This phase also increases challenges such as in case the relative of prisoners may raise voice against the shifting etc. Therefore, while implementing plan, the project along side has to undergo the phase of meeting challenges. On completion, the project is evaluated. The evaluation of the Super Prison Project will be based on the cost saving from shifting the prison in new building. In addition, it will also be evaluated if being completed within planned resources. WORK BREAK DOWN STRUCTURE The work breakdown chart outlines the plan for the project stepwise from initiation to completion. WBS benefits project to identify every detail that needs attention and hence ensures that project does not skip ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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