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World War 1 and how it impacted the world today Politically,Geographically and Economically - Essay Example

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The First World War had a series of consequences with some effects having lasting global effects. The global effects based on the aftermath of the World War I were seen and are still being witnessed globally in line with the economy, politics, and geopolitics1 effects…
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World War 1 and how it impacted the world today Politically,Geographically and Economically
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"World War 1 and how it impacted the world today Politically,Geographically and Economically"

Download file to see previous pages The war that took place between 1914 and 1918 cased immeasurable destruction of human beings, immense loss of properties, as well as impacting heavily on political, social, and economy of the world. It should be noted that the war led to the emergence of the scientific evolution of capitalism and subsequent progress in scientific fields that later led to the introduction and development of information technology concerning war including technologically propelled missiles. In terms of social segregation, it is reported that the First World War that lasted for a period of four years led to the death of eighty lakhs of persons to countless being wounded. It is also noted that between eight and ten lakh of people were missing because of the war. In many counties, this war led to abolishment of monarchies thereby leading to the introduction of the contemporary democratic governments that many countries are still fighting for until to date2. The war led to the understanding of the significance of the human right that initiated to other civil wars. The understanding of the human right led and still leads to the emergence of civil right authorities that are constituted mainly to fight for human rights in places or countries that such are felt to be lacking. Lots of money was spent to facilitate the war and this led to immense deterioration of the world’s economy an effect that is being felt in the form of current global recession. At the end of the war, the prices of articles among other commodities went up thereby leading to starvation that stalked the world since the end of the war. The expensive nature of life made different governments to restrict prices of different commodities. This made some governments richer than others while others were being exploited thereby becoming much poorer3. Moreover, governments imposed huge taxes on their subject. Notably, the effects of the World War 1 led to the great recession that made many nations suffer until to date. There was great demand for food and clothes among other commodities for war, these were never supplied to meet needed demands; therefore, at the end of the war, many factories and mills were established to supply these commodities especially in preparation to any other war since the war led to mistrust between nations. These factories and mills among other industries led to the creation of the workers’ movements that were created to solve problems between the employers and workers. In other words, these movements were recognized to be fighting for the rights of workers. Such movements have lasted until in the contemporary world where they are being recognized as unions of works. 4Currently, these unions are immensely powerful that they can lead to temporary halting of the processes and operation of any organization that grossly infringe or interferes with the rights of the workers. Additionally, the World War 1 burdened many countries that for many years the path of progress of many nations remained impeded. The war led to mistrust between nations making many nations to remain secretive in their operations especially in their security details. Some nations process weapons in the readiness in any war that might have cropped afterwards. Notably, the effects of the world war one led to the Second World War that involved the use of more sophisticated weapons than those in the First World War. For instance, Japan used nuclear warheads in the Second World War and this influenced negatively on human health for generations. It should also be noted that the aftermath of the First World War that led to enmity between the Middle East and America that led to the emergence of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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