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Title Page Name: Paper Title: Case Study- Business Communication Experience Date: Introduction All communication is a kind of action (Malik, Hall and Howard, 2009, p. 23). This action can be demonstrated either in one-way or two-way management communication strategies…
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Case Study - Business Communication Experience
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Download file to see previous pages In contrast, the two-way management communication system encourages employees to put their maximum potential and avoid under-performance; this approach develops a sense of ownership in employees. In the following parts of the paper, first both management communication systems of two managers have been discussed. It is followed by the segment mentioning more effective manager. After the parts of impact on the communication systems and implications of both approaches, a conclusion has been provided. Management Communication Systems of Two Managers Both managers use different approaches for communication purposes. While working in Unisys Corporation as a Controller in Accounting, I observed that the manager was using the one way management communication approach. It is a form of communication in which a person sends a message to another person without expecting any question, feedback or interaction to follow (Nelson and Quick, 2013, p. 283). In this approach, he did not require my or any other employee’s feedback. In this approach, it is assumed that managers develop an opinion that his or her message would be adequate and clear to the receptors; they consider that by using a precise and clear language, the decision will be accordingly understood and complied by the receptors. However, my experience in this organization convinces me that this management communication strategy remains considerably less effective and defective as the managers do not take into account the required feedback of their sub-ordinates and other employees and this creates a gap, which leaves unfavourable and less constructive effects on the organizational communication, goals and objectives. In contrast to the above mentioned managerial communication approach, the manager at Maverick Real Estate employs feedback communication approach, known as the circuit communication, which requires that feedback is highly essential for entertaining the objective of effective managerial communication strategy. It is also known as a two-way communication occurs when the receiver extends feedback to the sender (Miller and Braswell, 2011, p.16). Additionally, this approach begins with the presupposition that the manager must know and understand problems that employees are encountering in fulfilling the tasks assigned and their views and opinions relating to their official duties and responsibilities. In addition to that, the manager behaviour remained professional and competent. I did not feel much hesitation and the presence of professional managerial behaviour enabled me to come into contact with the manager and discuss matters relevant to my job description. This scenario was totally absent in the above mentioned previous employment where I remained less comfortable and more fearful due to the less accommodating behaviour shown by the manager at Unisys Corporation. While working as a broker in the Maverick Real Estate, the manager used the intranet for the purpose of effective and prompt communication between and among the staff members. More Effective Manager The manager at the Maverick Real Estate remains more effective in comparison with the manager at the Unisys Corporation. First, the behaviour of the manager created a congenial and employee friendly workplace environment. In which, every employee considers himself or herself to be an important part of the organization. It motivates and increases the level of confidence. With this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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