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Business and Academic Skills - Essay Example

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Business and Academic Skills Contents Contents 2 Section 1: Employability Skills 3 Different Jobs and their Applicability 3 Curriculum Vitae for the Role of Sales Manager 16 Cover Letter for Curriculum Vitae 18 Section 2: Academic Skills 18 Section 3: Reflective Statement 22 Reflection on Section 1 and 2 22 Reflection on Section 2 22 References 24 Section 1: Employability Skills Different Jobs and their Applicability The different type of jobs that can be undertaken by me in regards to the degree and qualifications that I am pursuing and possess so far are that of a Business Analyst, Sales Manager and also that of a Customer Relationship Manager profile…
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Business and Academic Skills
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"Business and Academic Skills"

Download file to see previous pages The person working as the Sales Manager in a company is required to have knowledge and skill in application of numerical sets for it helps the manager to forecast the future sales conditions depending on the existing sales situation. The sales manager in turn is required to broadly quantify the different anticipations for the sales in relation to different categories. The customer relationship manager is required to keep large databases of different types of consumers relating to different regions and sectors. Thus effective database management in regards to the purchase behaviour of the consumers along with the different offers set from time to time constitutes an important activity of the customer relationship manager. ...
Teamwork also helps the sales manager in gaining effective feedback through which sales strategies can be modified. The customer relationship manager is required to work effectively in a team consisting of the marketing manager and also of the operations manager. Teamwork taught in the business management course helps in maintaining effective coordination between the different departments to achieve the business objective. Self-management The Business Analyst working in an analytical environment needs to manage his own skills by rightly updating them to help find potential business solutions. The skill sets can be better enhanced through enhancing one’s knowledge parameters based on different software that has been developed relating to statistical and mathematical model formulation. Self-management is highly required for a sales manager in regards to encouraging and providing enthusiasm to the workers and sales officers to perform well in a particular territory. Self discipline of the sales manager can only help in streamlining and synchronizing the sales operations of the officers working in the different territories. The customer relationship manager is required to manage own set of responsibilities to help satisfy and sustain the different consumer groups for the concern. Thus self-management on our part in meeting established responsibilities is highly required for being a customer relationship manager. Business & Customer Awareness In regards to the parameter for business and customer awareness the person working in a Business Analyst profile is required to understand the analytical requirements from both the market and business perspective and thereby render adequate analysis. Moreover the Business Analyst ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business and Academic Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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