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Analyzing Aspects of Service Recovery - Essay Example

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Analysing Aspects of Service Recovery Instructor: Analysing Aspects of Service Recovery Service recovery is a critical element of healthcare systems. This paper is based on the analysis of the various aspects of service recovery…
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Analyzing Aspects of Service Recovery
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"Analyzing Aspects of Service Recovery"

Download file to see previous pages In relation to theoretical aspects of measuring service quality in healthcare, it is important to note that the issue of quality in healthcare services always generates immense pressure to the healthcare providers (Rubenstein 2006, p. 70). It is of paramount importance that the patients get assurance of quality care and services that they subscribe to. It is also reasonable when the customers and patients expectations are not only met but also clearly understood under the constraints the hospitals must operate in. It can be quite difficult to measure the quality of services because intangible specifications are the ones used to determine it. An example is colour, width, height, depth among others. Many organizations have chosen a methodology called SERVQUAL (service quality) to measure the quality of their services. It is a service quality questionnaire that uses 5 dimensions in its quest for quality. The five dimensions include: responsiveness, reliability, assurance, empathy and tangible qualities such as appearance of physical facilities among others. Each dimension is measured on a scale of 1 to 7 together with its expectation and perception. The weight of each point is done according to customer importance (Schoeman 1992). The score from each dimension is then multiplied by the weighting. After this, the expectation score is subtracted from the perception score to get the Gap Score. If the Gap Score is negative, it indicates that the actual service (the perception score) is below expectation (the expected score). The Gap is the reliable indicator of the five dimensions of service quality. Decision making models can help the health care sector to assess the perceived service quality in the sector (LaCombe 1995, p. 558). . The model rates performance of hospitals. Hospitals should put more emphasis on providing health care services with empathy, reliability and professionalism to give qualified services that are satisfactory. The hospitals can improve their service quality and better service delivery to their consumers if they addressed their individual issues highlighted by SERVQUAL methodology. Considering intergenerational service preferences in health service management and delivery, health care needs vary with age and health care for the older persons has generated a number of services and programmes. This is in response to the need of a more oriented and community-based care for the ageing population. In America, the young population is fast changing to the middle-age population. This has resulted to a greater demand for health care services and products and vast competition amongst the health care providers (Porter and Teisberg 2004, p. 66). The development of a health care plan for the elderly has been directed by a range of principles and concepts that influence it. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also come up with guidelines and policy statements through the WHO Active Ageing Policy Framework that influence the community health care development program. The health care programs aim is to introduce value and new scope to the existing primary health care program by adding integrated social and health services. This will be achieved through a partnership with the public and private health care providers to meet the increasing needs of the elderly. The process of building a comprehensive program for the elderly requires consideration of some overarching facts as a guiding ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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