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Sustainable Management Futures of Ford Motor Company - Essay Example

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This essay describes the sustainable management futures of Ford Motor Company, that was first established in the year 1911 on 8th March. The researcher focuses on the discussion of the company and provides PESTEL and SWOT analysis as well as the history of Ford company. …
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Sustainable Management Futures of Ford Motor Company
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Download file to see previous pages Globalisation had increased the trade flow between countries by liberating trade barriers which had helped Ford to expand their sales in foreign countries. Several governments of foreign countries had developed good technological collaboration and permitted foreign ownership which had helped Ford to increase their resources and develop latest model to manage with the current market condition (Ivory Research Ltd, 2011). Economic Economical factor can influence the automotive industry. The GDP growth rate can determine the purchasing power of any country which is the most crucial factor for operating any business. Ford Motor Company operates in major economies such as China, America, the UK, India, Australia and others where the GDP growth rate and vehicle market condition are good (Ivory Research Ltd, 2011). Social Social factors such as customer attitudes, demographic factor play a vital role in automotive industry. For example, in countries such as America, people prefer large comfortable car, while on the other hand, people of the UK usually prefer small vehicles. These factors can affect the attractiveness of vehicle market in a particular country. From the graph below it can be seen that the demand of large vehicle had increased by 202% between the year 2003 and first quarter of 2004. Source: (Ivory Research Ltd, 2011). Technological In this era, the preferences of technological improvement had increased rapidly. People prefer more advanced and technological features in their cars. The Ford Motor Company always utilises good technology in their vehicle and it provides high quality vehicle for efficient use. It also allows customers to view the product’s features online and...
The researcher states that in the 21st century, Ford Company had experienced several issues and most important issues are economic recession, usage of energy and other environmental aspects. This essay focuses on the discussion of how Ford had responded every issue and proved as one of the top car manufacturers in the world today. It has developed new technology and decreased the CO2 emission along with increased sales. It is stated that Ford is concerned for both green environment and global economy and thus it develops car which has less impact on environment and is affordable by most customer. Ford focuses on developing solution to resolve global issues and help customer live better life. Ford strives to be a leader in fuel efficient technology. The researcher states that Ford aims to create electric vehicle in order to capture the electric vehicle market. Over the years, Ford has decreased the usage of energy by initiating various programs, mentioned in the essay. Ford had made continuous progress with regards to product quality, durability and security of vehicle and continued good progress in various environmental issues. In 2010, Ford was awarded as the ‘World’s Most Ethical Company’ because of good corporate social responsibility attempts and sound business practices. The researcher then concluds that Ford always provides product according to customer choice and with their convenient strategic business policy, Ford is determined to rank among the leaders of global automobile industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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