The importance and impact of Training and Development of employees - Essay Example

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Most organizations today, if not all, largely depend on their human/intellectual capital for growth, change, and success in the business arena. Training and development are the ways in which an organization invests in its human capital…
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The importance and impact of Training and Development of employees
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"The importance and impact of Training and Development of employees"

Download file to see previous pages Training and development do not come cheap, but in a competitive commercial environment a failure to realize the human potential within an organization can be very costly (HR Magazine). Training and development are not only the responsibility of the organization, but also of the individual employees. Given that training and development require an investment by both the individual and the organization, an investment that can be measured in both financial and time terms, it is important that both partners receive value for money. It is also important to note that training and development do not occur in an organizational vacuum – they should be linked to the overall goals and strategies of the organization and to the life goals and strategies of the individual (Aguinis and Kraiger 452).In this paper, I will endeavor to define what organizations, specifically the Human Resource Department, mean by training and development, and how these processes impact the organizations’ performance and success. Towards the end of this research stories of three recognized international companies that have shown success and growth through recognizing the importance of investing in training and development will be discussed.In order to understand how training and development benefit an organization’s performance and success, concepts relating to training and development need to be discussed first. ...
Defining Training and Development: In order to understand how training and development benefit an organization’s performance and success, concepts relating to training and development need to be discussed first. These concepts that will be covered in this section of the paper are: learning, training, development, education, coaching, and mentoring. Learning Learning is the process by which behavior and attitudes are changed. One of the major debates in child development and education has been on the question of how much behavior is innate and how much is learnt – the ‘‘nature or nurture’’ debate. A psychological definition of learning is “any change in the general activity of an organism the effects of which persist and recur over a period of time and which are strengthened by repetition and practice” (Thomson 215). Although this is quite an old definition, it covers the major points about learning very comprehensively – the fact that learning persists and recurs and that it is strengthened by repetition and practice. Indeed, if the new behavior does not persist then it is generally accepted that learning has not occurred. Training Training is very specific and is concerned with the mastering of a particular task or set of tasks. At its most basic, training does not require understanding of the whys and wherefores. It is fairly easy to train a pigeon to select a particular shape from a collection of shapes or a Seeing Eye dog to guide a human being around obstacles or to sniff out drugs and explosives. The training process with animals involves rewards and punishments – a food treat as reward and a harsh word ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Training and development 1
... Training and development Introduction Employee training and development is essential for any successful organization. It is a key performance improvement tool. Any organization must first identify the training needs based on the strategic objectives of the organization. Employee training and development objectives can be classified in to individual objectives, organizational objectives, functional objectives and societal objectives. Question one A training program designed to teach employees good customer service can be translated in to different outcomes. Good customer service entails maintaining communications with both internal customers and attracting external customers. Good customer service will improve customer retention and loyalty... that...
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... differentiation (EDI 2011). Sainsbury (2011, p.15) offers, “When we set our goals and priorities, we are guided by a ‘materiality’ process which enables us to focus our attention on those areas of greatest impact and importance”. This materiality manifests itself by conducting needs analyses to determine the most important training needs and then applying it to an experiential training program supported by NVQ and apprenticeship. Research did not uncover any significant deficiencies in the training design developed by Sainsbury as the business believes that experiential training aligned with core values is achieving desired service and competency outcomes (EDI 2011). However, there are mitigating factors associated with firm structure... meaningful...
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The Value and Importance of Training this generation come with certain expectations, want definite job roles and like to work in teams. Employee recognition has a positive and immediate impact on employee morale leading to enhanced performance. The role of a mentor would thus serve to enhance employee morale through improved communication. On-going training is essential because training should build on what is already known. Existing strengths have to be developed to improve the quality of their work. This not only enhances performance, it also motivates the trainee when he knows he has been able to make a positive contribution to the organization. The youth like...
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Training and Development
...?ET & D Table of Contents Introduction 3 The Challenges of Identifying Training Needs 3 The Importance of Clear and Measurable Objectives 5 The Role an Understanding of Adult Learning Principles Can Play When Planning Implementation Strategies 6 The Impact of Workplace Environment on the Transfer of Training 7 Conclusion 8 References 9 Introduction Training and development (T&D) plays a very important role in the workplace. T&D is the best way that workplace can use to sharpen their human resources competencies (University of Leicester, n.d.). T&D is measured as an investment in the individual and professional life of the workers...
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...Human Resource Management (HRM) involves management of the workforce. It also includes selecting, training, mentoring and rewarding the employees. HRM comprise motivating the leadership qualities of the individuals in the organisation and maintaining a fair and healthy work culture. HRM is an important activity in every organisation and its impact on the organisations has been supported by numerous theories and approaches. It plays a significant role in the achievement of the company by incorporating the interest of the organisation and the human resource (Randhawa, 2007, Dransfield, 2000). In HRM, training and development is meant to boost the...
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...Training and Development Demographical and social changes create new problems for the government and federal agencies. Today, the baby boom generation is the largest social group in the USA which has a great impact on economic and social life of the country. The main problem faced by the government, public and private organizations is training and re-raining of this group of people in order to ensure adequate supply of staff in near future. Baby boomers, people born between 1943 and 1960, "affect every social institution from employment to health care" (Kiyonaga, 2004, p. 357). The importance of training and development is that...
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Employee Training and Development
...Impact of Employee Training and Development on Company Productivity My understanding of the assignment is it will serve as a guide in writing the whole paper. Hence, I have broken down the following outline into the 5 relevant sections of a dissertation. If you also need help in writing the entire paper, I think we can arrange through the Administration for us to work together. Please send me a message that you did grant my request regarding the reversion to the original timeframe such that there will be no dispute on whether the paper is late or not. Thank you, I appreciate it. The paper is much longer than the 4 pages initially requested. Impact of...
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.... This demographic shift will result in the drop of by about five percent in employees of the age group 25 to 39 and at the same time the percentage of employees in the age group 50 to 65 could go up by twenty percent. This anticipated shift in the percentage change of age groups among employees is expected to have a positive impact on training of employees. Older employees will need to be trained and retrained to keep pace with the ever-changing work environment to retain them as part of the workforce. This retention of the older employees would cause enhanced competition in jobs among the...
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...of the company will also increase. Increased productivity will improve the performance of the organization. Being a small business organization resources of Syntel are limited. It is very important for the management of the company to utilize their resources intelligently. Only suitable training and development programs for employees can increase the capacity of the whole workforce. Once the capacity is increased through training and development then the organization is more prepared to perform well with the help of limited resources. In case of small business like Syntel the total training strategy must be planned in advance....
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