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Importance of training in legal requirements, diversity, employee growth - Assignment Example

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It is imperative for an organization to acquire training in matters regarding legal requirements, diversity and employee growth (Mellander, 2003). Employers and managers can encounter resistance when it…
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Importance of training in legal requirements, diversity, employee growth
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Extract of sample "Importance of training in legal requirements, diversity, employee growth"

Download file to see previous pages Majority of the companies and the workforce are under some aspect of legal ruling. Statistics show that many people are still in the dark in matters to do with the law. Training in legal requirement will allow the employee and the employer to protect themselves from tyranny (Mathews, 2001). This will ensure that the employees follow the regulations at all times. By being familiar with these requirements, one might have a better chance of defending him or herself.
There are several laws that the federal government requires or recommends for employee and organization training. One law in which training is required is the health and occupational safety. This will promote health and safety in the working environment and, thus, is of utmost benefit. Employees will be motivated as they know their health and safety is taken care of. Legal requirement also addresses the issues on ethics and sexual harassment. There have been cases in which employers are held responsible for sexual harassment. This happens in the situation where the organization has failed to exercise care to prevent and correct such behaviors within the work environment (Mathews, 2001).
It is crucial for the company to understand the laws that apply to their everyday activities. Training can minimize the employer’s liability if an employee is guilty of a criminal offence. It is also essential to know the legal requirements that your company must comply with such as contracts, licenses, registrations and leases. The knowledge of legal requirements will enable the company to avert lawsuits and be better positioned should such an event occur. An organization that practices effective an ethics program and compliance decreases its fines for conviction by up to 90 percent (Dessler, 2004).
Teaching legal requirements to the company also entails covering legal problems that one may encounter such as insurance, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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