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The current status of immigration, proposed changes to immigration policy, and what all of this means for HR - Research Paper Example

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Research Paper Immigration Policies in the United States – Implications to Human Resources Zhe Li& Dening Liao University of Miami Immigration Policies in the United States – Implications to Human Resources Introduction: The U.S. Congress solely undertakes immigration policy…
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The current status of immigration, proposed changes to immigration policy, and what all of this means for HR
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Extract of sample "The current status of immigration, proposed changes to immigration policy, and what all of this means for HR"

Download file to see previous pages An analysis of current and required legal immigration policies is being discussed with the implication to Human Resources. An Overview of Immigration Laws: Federal immigration law of United States establishes if any person is eligible to gain residence or citizenship within the country. The law provides a means through which certain individuals may become legally naturalized citizens with all rights of citizenships. It is the responsibility of Federal government to determine the immigration policies by controlling visa processes. There are two types of visas: “immigrant visas” and “non immigrant visas”. Primarily the visitors or tourists are issued non-immigrant visas. However, the holders of immigrant visas may be permitted to stay in the United States by fulfilling few legal requirements (Walsh, 2013). Legal requirement for Immigrants: United States, policy makers are providing immigration support to its current and other Foreign Nationals as per their immigration policies underlining the areas of Human Resource so they can make a significant contribution in the workforce of any organization. There are legal terms, which are used for individuals who are migrating to the United States depending on their visa status and immigration status: Foreign National: is a term used for members who are not citizens of United States. They can be Lawful Permanent Resident (“green card” holder), Refugee or Temporary Resident as per1986 amnesty program when they were appointed by any organization. Nonimmigrant Visa Status: is a temporary immigration position, which provides permission for a Foreign National to work or study at any University. It includes H-1B status, TN status, and O-1 status. Immigrant Status, Permanent Residence or “green card”: is the term given to a status, in which individuals have the right to live, work or study in the United States. A close family member or an employer may sponsor these persons to become permanent residents (Walsh, 2013). Confirmation of Employment Authorization  As per the policies it is required by the federal law that all employees which are hired after November 6, 1986, without prejudice, whether the person is U.S. or foreign-national, has to sign United States Citizenship and Immigration Service Form I-9, the Employment Eligibility Verification. Employees must complete Section 1 of Form I-9 and give all original documents or documents as required so that their identity is established. The Director of Employee and Labor Relations then reviews this copy and the information is recorded (Walsh, 2013). Employment of Foreign National Workers As per the policies for Foreign National workers, employees will not be allowed to work for any organization until approved by federal law.  The organization’s Human Resource Department will determine if the Foreign National is authorized to begin employment. In order to be employed by the University, the worker must have a Nonimmigrant Visa or Employment Authorization Document, which is not expired (Walsh, 2013). Immigration Sponsorship does not affect or replace Employment Policies There may be any employer’s conformity or willingness to sponsor any foreign worker for legal permanent residence. It may not be a contract of employment and may not supersede any of the employer’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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