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Training - Assignment Example

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Selecting the Appropriate Training Method for Employees 1. Executive summary This paper deals with training, which involves a professional operating with employees to channel knowledge and skills thus improving their performance in their current jobs (McNamara, 2008)…
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Extract of sample "Training"

Download file to see previous pages One factor that could be attributed to the failure was the training. My training manager used an inappropriate method to deliver the training; therefore, I did not make the desired progress in my work. I failed to meet my goals and I was instructed to write this report. After discussing various issues in the paper, three recommendations were made. First, the organisation should employ professional trainers who will give the employees many alternatives on the training techniques. Second, a needs assessment ought to be conducted to ensure that the employees are provided with the right information. Thirdly, the organisation should consider giving training that will enhance loyalty. 2. Introduction In all organisations, human resources are regarded as powerful sources of the firm’s success. Therefore, it is important for managers to take interest in their employees since they are held responsible for their performance. Managers should ensure that they understand their employees’ needs and provide training in order to enhance their abilities. This largely impacts the firm since it determines its goals achievement (Yang, 2010:2). In this case, the line manager understands that I was competent, in that, the quality of work did was outstanding. However, I failed to pass the level I expected showing that I did not meet the set targets. The organisation understands the importance of training. ...
The use of unsuitable methods in the trainings must have resulted to my failure to achieve the goals set. In order to improve my productivity and achieve the set organisation’s goals, there are certain objectives I need to set. First, I will persuade the training manager to use the correct methods in order to ensure that the training is beneficial. Second, using the skills learnt in the successful training, I will increase my productivity and achieve the set goals. 3. Training Training is described as the practice of providing learning opportunities to the employees through mentoring, coaching, workshops or other methods in an effort to challenge, motivate, and inspire them (Frazis and Speltzer, 2005:49). This process is meant to help them play their roles efficiently and execute their functions with ultimate capability and in the set standards. The process of training provides the employees and the managers with the tools needed to develop their careers, perform tasks more effectively, enhance their knowledge base and efficiently work among different employees and work conditions (Heathfield, 2013). A large number of managers recognise training as an effective tool for improving performance among the employees. Training helps in the development of employees’ skills, increase in their quality of work and the enhancement of productivity. The managers usually set targets, which they expect the employees to meet comfortably. Successfully meeting these targets indicates excellent performance while failure indicates poor performance. All employees, including those who succeed in meeting the organisation’s goals, need training to improve their morale and build loyalty for their organisation (Yang, 2010:2). 3.1 Who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... of turnover in the company by focusing on a more people-oriented approach and trying to retain the best talent. Training Activity Program 1 – General Staff The general staff needs to be trained to follow the policies and procedures of the new company, Massive Computers. Each organization has a different culture and the new company’s culture and way of doing things must be communicated across to the employees so that they may adjust to the new environment and feel a part of the group. Of course, the new management needs to filter out candidates who they feel are not going to be part of the new regime. These employees can be made redundant based on age, qualifications, work experience with the company and a number of other criteria including...
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Best training embrace technology in training. Precisely, when the PNC bank automated the loan process and adopted the electronic system, they started the program that facilitated online learning (Guerrie, 2008). As a result, the users had to adjust to the new technology through virtual learning. Basically, the system increased the number of trainees, thereby, making the bank an intensive financial training institution. Due to the complex learning, the bank incorporated the experts in formulating the training design (Guerrie, 2008). In reality, the completed training design was in time, very effective and highly successful. In BB&T bank, their intention of developing the...
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.... Terrorist training has been continuously propagated by extremists such as Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri. They are said to be the leadership and minds behind Taliban and Al Qaeda. These terror groups expanded their terror activities by establishing terror training camps in Afghanistan and other regions of the world. Terror training can be blamed for the deadly terror attacks that have been carried out in Europe, USA and other regions of the world. One of the most common of these terror attacks include the 9/11 attacks in the USA. The main aim of this paper is to help readers to understand the way in which terrorist training and recruitment has shifted, changed...
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... as the resource-gaps of the organization itself. It has been observed that the employees lack a proper knowledge of computers and the fundamental tools associated with their usage in the business context. Survey has revealed that Maddox lags behind considerably as it does not have the necessary resources to support employee development. 1.2. Training Needs Analysis (TNA) TNA may be defined as “the process of analyzing training requirements as a basis for preparing relevant training programs” (Armstrong, 2006, “Identifying Training Needs”). In the context of Maddox, it is necessary to conduct a TNA to define the training gap(s) that are preventing the organization from achieving its desired goals. Figure 1: The Training Gap (Source...
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...and medicine. In these instances, CPR training is often carried out in a large university set-up. Other health professionals undergoing more specific and non-university based training (for example, paramedics) are more likely to undertake their training sessions in smaller groups. However, the above practices may not always apply as university lectures and can often be broken down into smaller practical group trainings; and smaller training sessions for paramedics can be carried out in a large university type lecture. There are differences, as well as advantages and disadvantages of these different methods of CPR training. This...
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...Dear Since you said I should start the work from scratch, I have started gathering data on it already. But as I said, I need you to extend the deadline. Right now, in order that the old deadline will not pass as I wait for you to extend the deadline, I am uploading this file: they contain resources I am going to use for the order and not the final order. One important thing: I can see that your assignment is late for submission already and that the final day for you to submit it is Monday May 2, 2011. For this reason, I shall do my best and complete the order by 15:00GMT so that you will not be late for submission. Thank you SWOT analysis for Herff Jones, Inc. Photography Since you...
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.... This is based on four servings of fruits and veggies; three of lean protein; two of whole grains; and one serving of choice. This diet suggests exercise (Zelman, 2003b), which is good for intense training. This plan focuses on healthy eating habits, and thus, the results can prove to be long lasting. Since physical activity is involved in combination with consumption of fruits, veggies, and lean meat, this diet plan is very favorable for intense training. The Caveman (Paleo) Diet: This is a very healthy diet plan. It is “based on eating plants and wild animals” (Zelman, 2013c). It has many benefits, like reducing blood pressure and cardiac diseases, while maintaining healthy body weight. This diet plan includes consumption of meat, fish...
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Training Plan ( Training & Devolpment) (Day 2). Workshop served as the summative learning wherein participants were asked at the end of the module to identify gaps in their time management and how to improve them through effective time management. In this exercise, participant’s ability to manage their time effectively using the methods taught was gauged. The exercises will help the administrators of the training to identify training gap. This is beneficial for the training session because it will help ensure that the training objectives will be imbued among the participants. These objectives include a grasp of time management and the ability to manage and control their time and activities properly. Materials Flipchart and power point presentation. For the...
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Training Methods

... with its integration with the core objectives of the business is also important in ensuring the overall succession of the unit (Aguinis & Kraiger, 2009). Correspondingly, in this particular research focused would be levied on developing a training program for a group of 20 employees for a particular organization. In this process planning has been undertaken for providing training to 20 employees of the business in order to mitigate the prevailing issues of the workplace, which is highly required to make employees efficient in terms of their skills, abilities and dedication towards the work that they execute within the workplace. In this regard, it can be affirmed that appropriate training will be important in order to increases...
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...). Question 4 Case study is definitely the most effective method as it exposes trainees to the real practical world with which they can relate. Trainees are presented with examples they see every day making them capture and remember much about the training (Werner and DeSimone, 2012). Reference Werner, J. M., & DeSimone, R. L. (2012). Human resource development. Mason, OH: South-Western....Human Resource Development Human Resource Development Question It is essential if strategies are placed that help in managing stress when one gets into a profoundly dilemmatic situation that raises their emotions. Topics such as ‘typical stressors at work’, ‘typical reactions to stressful moments’ and ‘tips on how to manage s...
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Enhancement of Skills and Training in Human Capital

Training and development include skills which are job-related and also that are not related. This helps in motivating and enhancing self-esteem as the employees feel the organization cares for them. Motivation is essential for retention and succession planning in today’s scenario. This paper will discuss the relevance of training needs and its implications on the stakeholders, managers and individuals.

Training is regarded as fundamental in transforming the workforce and brings about quality improvement across organizations. To effectively exploit intellectual assets, the focus on human development has been renewed (Donovan, Hannigan & Crowe, 2001). The pace of change requires continuous up-gradation of skills...
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Resources Management Training

... to other forms of business is not discussed here. 3. Limitations (Why is it important and include limitations) Due to wide possibilities of different environments that could yield results, this paper focuses on the effect of training to productivity in the case of a restaurant business (Dennys Restaurant) which was resolved by a lawsuit to train its middle managers and employees. 4. Introduction (what is the topic about) To attain purpose of this paper, that is, to discuss and analyze the role of training, development, & career planning in improving productivity & quality of work life, this paper has chosen the topic of using experience of an actual restaurant business. Man is created to work and for many kinds...
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Change Management Improving Training and Development

... about their future. The supervisors’ grouse is that the middle management is not interested in decision making and this leaves them vulnerable to the indifference shown by middle managers in their technical and managerial functions. As a result they take no active part in training workers which impedes their promotions and subjects them to fear of loss of job due to incompetence. Tradition requires organisations to respond to the external environment by bringing changes (Thornhill et al, 2000). But environmental change now occour with greater frequency and organisations have to learn to live with almost constant changes (Kanter et al 1992; Nutt 2001) and both external and internal factors are triggering these changes (Senior 2002...
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A Systematic Approach to Training and Development In Organic Juice Bar

 Prior to the discussion of training needs assessment, I would discuss several issues in the human resources management process that determine why training is important.
Daft and Fitzgerald (1992) indicate that in order to manage an organization effectively in a competitive environment, planning for human resources strategy requires several factors several external factors to be considered.

1. Attract an effective workforce. This includes planning on the number of employees required, job analysis or what types of jobs should be conducted or jobs associated with the types of business, forecasting future recruitment, recruiting because good employees need to be recruited, and selecting.
As stated by Daft an...
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..., as the thinkers observe, which play pivotal role in the education and training of the whole generation. “The mind is”, Jones observes, “cultivated, nurtured, and assisted primarily by teachers. And because of these essential activities, teachers and the profession of teaching have been esteemed throughout history.” (Gibbs Magazine, June 2000) The performance and standard of the Institution of International Liberal Education (IILE) can be estimated and assessed according to the six elements given in the Table 1. The Institution has devised comprehensive learning program regarding liberal art education under its sway. All the basic forms of arts and literature including drama, poetry, novel, prose, music, dance, sculpture and paintings...
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... benefits) but they are restricted by various internal and external constraints. Any training and development programme necessarily has to be conducted within these constraints. This report identifies the characteristics of the current financial climate and labour conditions and the impact this is having on the provision of training and development in evolving organizations. It then goes on to examine the need for training and consider suitable training and development approaches that could be adopted, and the tools that can be used within a new training and development plan. It also includes a critical discussion of the theoretical dimension of alternative learning styles that underpin these approaches. This report is a follow...
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... planning and financial assistance, districting is a grueling task. It also affects day-to-day operations of the service. Lack of proper training to the employees of the emergency service - Homeland security guards usually lack proper training in responder training and incident coordination (Ward, 2001). This proves as one of the greatest roadblocks in countering or responding to a security threat or an emergency situation. Assumptions In order for security services to work efficiently, Pollak et al (2004) recommend some of the operative efforts to address the integration challenges of system integration within a security service. Currently, security services exercise limited interoperability between emergency response modeling...
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Volunteers Recruitment and Training for Olympic Games

...potential individuals for the volunteer training is a significant task. Therefore, the organizers would follow certain criteria to identify the right candidates. Following are the standards for the recruitment of expected candidates. 1. Individuals with volunteering spirit 2. Individuals seeking opportunities 3. Individuals who are energetic and enthusiastic 4. Individuals with specific qualifications and skills 5. Individuals with leadership quality 6. Individuals with pleasing personality 7. Individuals having history of volunteering service People with some or all of the above mentioned qualities will be selected to serve as the volunteers for the big Games. The recruitment and training will focus...
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Information Technologies: A Training Apparatus for Travel Industry

... and provide competitive advantage through workforce trained in IT who are working in different sectors in the organisation. Research Objective I would review and critically evaluate the existing IT programmes which are being adopted by travel industry management to train their employees in IT so that the latter can efficiently use IT in the day to day official activities. Although the previous researches on this subject provide a lot of information but they needs some extra flavour of the changed economic condition to be added with. By considering the findings of the earlier researches, the following objective are designed to achieve through this study 1. To understand how IT training given to different staff members changes the mode...
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Why Are Organisations and Individuals Reluctant to Invest in Training

...profitability. Bearing this in mind and the immense benefits that accrue organisations, many are still reluctant to invest in this endeavour (Gratton 2007). This paper will look into benefits of training and developments to firms and employees and delve to explain why some organisations and individuals are reluctant to invest in training. Benefits of training and development of employees As mentioned earlier training and development of employees has numerous benefits to both a firm and its employees. One of the key benefits is that it results in higher productivity thereby increased profitability. Employees’ morale is improved which makes them identify more with the...
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