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How To Recruit And Train New Employees - Research Paper Example

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Recruitment and training of new employees are key organizational processes. HR managers are likely to face a series of challenges when having to select the recruitment and training policies most appropriate for their organization.
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How To Recruit And Train New Employees
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Download file to see previous pages Certain methods of recruiting new employees are likely to be preferred HR managers as they have been extensively tested and their effectiveness has been verified in practice. Challenges that employers have to face when having to recruit new employees A series of issues need to be taken into consideration by employers when they have to recruit new employees. Training of new employees Why training is necessary in modern organizations The necessity of training within modern organizations can be justified by referring especially to the following fact: new employees cannot respond to their duties unless they are given clear explanations on the vision and values of the organization but also on the demands of their position. Training methods used in firms worldwide in regard to new employees
HR managers are able to choose among a series of training methods appropriate for new employees; the training methods chosen for new employees depend on the organizational environment, the demands of each role but also on the capabilities of the participants/ new employees.
Challenges related to the training of new employees Training is not equally effective among new employees, even when referring to new employees hired in the same department. A series of factors can influence the performance of new employees in regard to a particular training method. Conclusions and Recommendations The recruitment and training of new employees are affected by various conditions in the internal and external organizational environment. HR managers have the responsibility to ensure that the recruitment and training of new employees are carefully planned so that risks are minimized and the needs of the organization involved are covered. 1. Introduction The achievement of organizational goals is highly depended on the ability of leaders to support employees within all organizational departments. However, during the development of organizational activities the need for increasing the staff of the organization is expected to appear. In this context, recruiting new employees becomes unavoidable for HR managers in all organizations. Today, the recruitment of new employees is considered as a key organizational sector, helping to address emergent organizational needs or to develop complex organizational tasks. In order for new employees to respond to the needs of their role they have to be adequately supported; appropriately customized training programs are available to new employees in organizations worldwide. The methods used by HR managers in regard to the recruitment and training of new employees are analysed in this paper. Reference is also made to the challenges that HR managers are likely to face when developing such projects. The value of these initiatives is also explaining aiming to justify the reasons for which these projects are highly promoted within organizations in all industries. The review of the literature published in the specific field reveals that leaders in modern organization are aware of the value of new employees for securing organizational performance; however, often, the methods chosen for incorporating new employees within the organization are not appropriate, either because of the strong resistance within the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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