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The role of HR planning in the resourcing process - Essay Example

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Human resource planning helps organizations ensure they recruit the right number and the right people for the business. According to Taylor, Beechler and Napier (1996), when this process is conducted properly, it results to long-run benefits to both employees and the business itself…
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The role of HR planning in the resourcing process
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Extract of sample "The role of HR planning in the resourcing process"

Download file to see previous pages Presently, demographic shifts, technological changes, environmental instability and global competition have led to a new role for HR planners since resourcing process have grown to be complex than before. Ulrich and Brockbank (2005) pointed out that HR planning involves continuous and systematic process of analyzing a business human resource needs under changing conditions. In addition, it involves development of workforce policies that are consistent with long range effectiveness of a business. HR planning involves forecasting HR needs and designation of the necessary actions involved in the resourcing process such as recruitment, career development and training. HR planning helps to forecast the right numbers of employees and more so in getting the right kind of personnel at the right place within the right time. According to Robertson and Smith (2001), HR planning coordinated the enumerated elements and helps to gather resources the business needs in both long term and short term. HR planning is a vital component for organizational success in the long-run. This paper will discusses role of HR planning in the resourcing process, importance on job analysis, internal and external recruitment tools and selection techniques, importance of effective induction and appropriate retention strategies in respect of recruitment of a cinema manager while at the same time reviewing the current state of the United Kingdom employment market. The following are ways in which HR planning facilitate the resourcing process: The facilitation of pre-recruitment review is a process that involves provision of professional advice as to whether the internal staff should be taken into consideration in filling the vacant positions. A process is then followed in evaluating the staff’s suitability. The staff who were working under the former cinema manager should, therefore, be evaluated to determine if anyone is capable of filling the vacant position. The provision of guidance and expert advice is used in the initial stages of recruitment especially in defining the vacant position, preparing advertisements, advising on and identifying proper channels for advertisement among other important recruitment activities. As such, the HR planners will be resourceful in defining the roles of a cinema manager, identifying the right advertisement channels among other recruitment activities. The HR planner acts as an expert adviser to the selection committee throughout the selection process. This involves briefing the committee members on the appropriate interview techniques and providing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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