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Financial Performance Interpretation. Stilsim - Essay Example

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The analysis of the finances of Stilsim can be done on the basis of its financial constraints. Financial ratio can be used to measure its performance. Financial ratio can be described as two magnitudes from the company’s financial statements in relevance to each other. …
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Financial Performance Interpretation. Stilsim
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Extract of sample "Financial Performance Interpretation. Stilsim"

Download file to see previous pages With the help of ratios, many aspects of the business can be quantified that facilitate accurate comparisons. The ratios of Stilsim can be compared the three offices with each other and depict the standing of the company.
One of the major problems that are facing the company is their lack of agility and adaptability to the changes in technology. Although the company has been making profits since it was established, we have seen in the SWOT analysis that it recently, they are not doing well due to their inability to keep track of the upgrades and keep their systems up to date. Below a table 1 that compares Stilsim to Cross Country Healthcare which is a key competitor.
The comparison with Cross Country Healthcare elaborates that at this point in time, the performance of Stilsim is at reasonable level. While the comparison of the three offices indicates that the problem lies with one of the office locations. We can conclude with this analysis that the since the company has been in the market for two and a half decades and has managed to gather considerable experience, it should be making more profits than it is making currently. Moreover, it should try to resolve the issues that are hindering the performance where the company is spending more than the returns.
SHORT-TERM ISSUES With the help of the SWOT analysis and the financial ratios of the company, the performance the Capital City Office, which is the main office of the company, has been detrimental. The loss that is incurred by this part of the company has an impact on the overall performance. Moreover, with the increase in spending, there is less return that the company is getting. This shows that as the expenses are increasing, there is not an increase in the profits. Although, this may not be a significant issue in the short term but in the long haul this could cause a bottleneck situation for the company. LONG-TERM STRATEGIES Due to the increase in competition, Stilsim would have to rectify the issues at hand to be able to keep up in the market. There is a dire need to maintain a competitive edge in the market that is now attracting many new entrants. In the long haul, Stilsim should implement strategies to drive down costs and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization and its counterparts. The competitive edge can be created through lower ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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