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Ethics and legal considerations in strategic management - Essay Example

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The Stilsim Organization has successfully been helping human resource departments for twenty-five years. The company has seen many changes over the course of this time and has not suffered any damage from the changes…
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Ethics and legal considerations in strategic management
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Extract of sample "Ethics and legal considerations in strategic management"

Ethics and Legal Considerations in Strategic Management "[Click here and type " "[Click here and type your s " Ethics andLegal Considerations in Strategic Management The Stilsim Organization has successfully been helping human resource departments for twenty-five years. The company has seen many changes over the course of this time and has not suffered any damage from the changes. Stilsim is still using the old technologies and has not changed its standards from the start. Clinging to the old technology has begun to impact the functioning of the company. In order to become a leader in its field, changes must be made, as quickly as possible. Integrity and honesty have always been very important to Stilsim. Good customer service is also a valued aspect here at Stilsim which mandates that we continue to evaluate our self improvement plan in order to facilitate transparent relationships with the customers. Our goal is to provide the best in the realm of service to our clients. The customer is always of paramount importance to the company. We honor our word with the share holders, partners, and employees of the company. Good communication is maintained at all time in the form of personal contact, Handbooks, and Brochures. The printed material is dedicated to the essential and timely information that represents Stilsim in a professional manner. Usually, the concept of being ethical means that moral standards have been established and we are important to everyone in the company. In essence ethical behavior is the glue that holds the business together. In reality few businesses hold themselves to such a high standard. Business is driven by the fact that as an employee, one must answer to many individuals who have a different set of values which may or may not be ethical. At Stilsim, we are dealing with many different issues, both external and internal in nature. It is our collective hope that when we implement our new style, ethics will form the backbone of any important decision making. As we have been in business for such a long period of time, most of us believe that we have a responsibility to our customers, share holders, and even the community. As mentioned before, we will be honest, work with integrity and respect in the fulfillment of any contract with every client. In order to address future issues at Stlsim we will institute within the company a way in which we will be able to address ethical standards and a code of conduct for all employees. The company will produce a guidebook for the employees which will probably aid in the implementation of our low cost strategy. A recommendation has been made to remove Sue Maxin, a less than desirable employee of our company, who stands accused of stealing from the company and clients as well. As the company is now convinced of her activities, she needs to be removed before the police arrest her. The removal of Ms. Maxin will demonstrate to our clients that we are in the process of revamping our image. As an ethical company, we will need to stop using the “low cost provider” as a means of staffing our office. All of the positions at Stilsim should be converted to full time positions with reinstituted worker’s rights. References Read More
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At first, I thought 1 of pages is too much for such a question. But now I see it could not be done better. As the author starts you see the difficulty of the subject. I’ve read all at once. Precise example

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