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This paper prepares a management report with regard to the market entry strategy of automobile companies and more particularly, the two-wheeler manufacturing companies. It also briefly addresses the issue of internationalisation of the two-wheeler companies while taking care of related aspects…
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Market Entry of Automobile Company
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Download file to see previous pages From this discussion it is clear that the automotive industry is one of the world’s most significant economic sectors by revenue. Its contribution to the global economy is prominent. With new motor vehicles being launched every other day in the market, the automobile market is definitely going global in a superfast way. As companies are promoting and focusing on international market exposure at the maximum level possible, competition goes higher. Along with it, there is a growing requirement of strategy development and implementation in order to keep stayed in the forefront of the global market.As the paper highlights awareness of the international trends is another demand driver for the increase in motorcycle purchases. As the international trend suggests, the growth of the two-wheeler market is going to continue for some time. Global motorcycle demand has been growing at a remarkable rate. The trend also specifies the differences in customer choice and purchase with regard to different economies. More particularly, larger bikes tend to dominate the market volumes of developed nations whereas smaller bikes rule the market of developing countries. However, it also signals another interesting trend of the two-wheeler market – demand for larger bikes is doing the rounds in developing nations like India and China. Nonetheless, small bikes are more likely to remain as the constant consumer demand in the foreseeable future.

This paper prepares a management report with regard to the market entry strategy of automobile companies and more particularly, the two-wheeler manufacturing companies. It also briefly addresses the issue of internationalisation of the two-wheeler companies while taking care of related aspects such as growing competition in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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