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Market Entry Options - Chery Cars China - Book Report/Review Example

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From the paper "Market Entry Options - Chery Cars China" it is clear that Chery has been involved in joint venture associations with many strong brands such as Jaguar, giving the firm a good experience and knowledge about international brands (Hammond, 2009).  …
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Market Entry Options - Chery Cars China
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Extract of sample "Market Entry Options - Chery Cars China"

Download file to see previous pages Chery cars have dominated the Chinese market for a long time and also exports in huge quantity. The company owns various component manufacturing factories and vehicle assemblies in mainland China. Vehicle assembly is also done in 25 other nations. Chery also owns two research and development facilities and invests a minimum 7 per cent of its overall revenue in product development (Chery, 2014b).
The company has been involved in many joint venture partnerships with international brands for the manufacturing and production of a global brand in China (Chery, 2014d). At present, companies have partnered with Chery in joint venture partnerships. However, the company has not forayed into the international market through this strategy. Chery vehicles are manufactured in other nations in semi-complete or complete knock-down kits. These facilities are owned by the local suppliers or management. After the assembly and production of final cars, they are distributed by the local dealers, suppliers and distributors which are strategically chosen by the firm. The firm is planning to enter the USA market which can be described as a saturated automobile market. Competition is extremely high and competitive advantage is majorly achieved by product innovation, distribution or strategic pricing. Being a national propriety firm gives Chery strong brand recognition among other global nations. The overall cost of production is low and product pricing is competitive. The vehicles manufactured are reliable in terms of quality and the overall performance has been good. The company has also achieved positive recognition in national as well as international procedures in quality control (Barney, 2006). Another strength of Chery is its huge base of a human resource such as marketing staffs, technical staffs and specialists (Fitz-enz, 2000). The company also has enough capital and the business credits are fine.
The brand spends a lot of capital on innovation, research and independent development. This can be a weakness as the company might run out of funds. The overall reliance on the overseas market is high as well as there is a lack of various important service systems such as after-sales service.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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