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The influence of leadership style on the interpersonal relationship between employees and employers - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the influence of leadership style on the interpersonal relationship between employees and employers and the role of appraisal in building effective human resource relations at the workplace…
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The influence of leadership style on the interpersonal relationship between employees and employers
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Extract of sample "The influence of leadership style on the interpersonal relationship between employees and employers"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that in the view of Bagley, leadership is “the ability to guide and motivate a group of people to a common purpose.” To this end, Allen defines a leader as one “who can visualize a better world in the future and is able to convince others to join him or her on the journey.” This is to explain that leadership is all about guiding a group of people towards achieving a common goal. Leadership is needed for the growth of companies, organizations, institutions and even countries. As a matter of fact, a leader’s qualities, style, and strategies can determine to a very large extent, whether or not the people or organization he is leading will succeed or fail. In view of the importance of leaders to succeed in their leadership, however, several leadership styles, strategies, and qualities have been propounded by scholars and philosophers. Based on these qualities and strategies, it is believed that the kind of qualities a leader possesses and the sort of strategies he puts in place in his leadership can do or undo his group. To this effect, and based on a number of leadership strategies available in the literature, a number of interview questions were developed and administered on 5 employees in a U.S organization to find from them what they expect from their leaders. These expectations have been grouped into four themes and analyzed in terms of leadership qualities and strategies as propounded in existing literature....
Each section had two major questions. The results obtained from each employee were recorded on separate sheets of papers, after which a qualitative analysis was applied. The qualitative analysis did not involve the use mathematical diagrams, charts and tables. Rather, it made use of objective evaluation of the results in a holistic manner where conclusions on responses were taken judging from what the majority of workers without giving specific numbers as to what each respondent said. Below is an evaluation and report from information gathered in the interview as pertains to each theme. The information have been evaluated and analyzed by comparing and contrasting them to current leadership literature, some of which have been quoted in the report. The influence of leadership style on the interpersonal relationship between employees and employers There are several leadership styles but for the sake of this exercise, three leadership styles were used. These leadership styles are laissez faire style, autocratic style, and participative style. According to Legacee Management System (2011) these three leadership styles fall under the classical leadership style. According to Legacee Management System (2011), “The laissez faire style implies low control, the autocratic style high control and the participative lies somewhere in between.” Based on explanation of the three leadership styles, the employees were asked which of them existed at their in their organization. From the description of the leadership style that goes on in their organization, it was deduced that four of them pointed to autocratic leadership style where as one pointed to participative leadership ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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