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Impact of Leadership Styles on Employees - Term Paper Example

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The paper "Impact of Leadership Styles on Employees" tells that an individual uses a variety of styles to ensure that they maximize the group or team able to achieve goals. The best style to use should be able to enhance the individual or team achievement and shape the person to become a great leader…
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Impact of Leadership Styles on Employees
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Extract of sample "Impact of Leadership Styles on Employees"

Download file to see previous pages In the intricate business world, operational activities have changed tremendously in the 21st Century. This is due to the level of educated members of the society who are aware of their rights and ethical practices. In addition, concern by the public about the organization operational activities that affects their social and environment. Strategic management is the systematic method of continuously evaluating the business environment and establishing measures that increase its productivity. The enterprise can combine its different function so as to enhance its smooth operation. This involves the practices on the various organizational levels such as management; marketing; finance; entrepreneurial and corporate. Engaging the ethical issues in their mode of conduct brings about a good reputation in the public. Leaders have discovered that through emotional intelligence they inspire passion in the people that they manage (Goleman et al.15).
Understanding the complexities of interpersonal skills can be challenging to an individual. Nonetheless, it provides useful information on how to effectively motivate people to perform their duties without supervision. It can be undermined for a manager to lack skills to adequately control and coordinate their team in a work environment. There several theories that have been developed to guide an individual on effective leadership styles. This entails the easier motivation and engaging different individual to be committed to achieving set goals and targets. Choosing a favorable leadership style provides a win-win scenario for the manager. This means increased productivity for employee and leader is viewed as an achiever.
Task-oriented and relationship-oriented leadership are two styles that let the leader uses his skill to achieve a certain goal of his team. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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