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Key Elements of an Extraordinary Employee - Coursework Example

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The paper “Key Elements of an Extraordinary Employee” illustrates leadership styles and the features effective leader needs to create subordinates the most favorable environment for professional growth and the greatest productivity to make the company perform as efficiently as possible. …
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Key Elements of an Extraordinary Employee
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Extract of sample "Key Elements of an Extraordinary Employee"

Download file to see previous pages Some of the key elements of an extraordinary employee would be highlighted in this account. It is very important to understand that an employee needs to have some characteristic elements that would help him not only to cope up with his working environment but also help him in succeeding. In every firm, big or small, there is a margin for success. There is scope for improvement and betterment. And it is the employees whose hard work and dedication will lead the company to success. Not every employee has innate leadership qualities and there may be instances when an employee cannot build these in himself. Therefore, leadership needs to be developed to succeed, it does not come naturally
Leadership is a process by which an employee encourages his fellow employees to achieve an objective. This objective may be very farfetched and difficult to attain, but it is a leader’s responsibility to direct the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and the employees work without realizing that they are made to do something. In fact, they do it for their own pleasure. For a leader to be influential, his character, beliefs, ethics, values, knowledge and skills should be spotless (Currie). No one should be able to raise a finger at him in disapproval. People often confuse being the head of an organization to being its leader. Well, these two differ from one another significantly. A leader will not just sit in his multibillion dollar empire and enjoy while the workers work for him. He’d rather sit with them and plan what to do next. A true leader helps the organization achieve its goals in a manner that the organization on the whole flourishes and not just the executives (Abdalla, 2001). A leader also needs to make sure that everyone working for the company is satisfied with it and the work experience is an interesting one, not one that the employees dread. A leader acts like a cohesive to the organization (Winget, 2006). He glues all the employees together in working constructively and avoids any hindrances that may hurdle the path to advancement.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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