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Mental Process Paper - Essay Example

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Mental Process [Name of of Instructor] Mental Process Introduction: Decision-making is the most important aspect of running businesses successfully. Managers are trained to make good decisions for the organization. Many factors and processes contribute to carry out good decisions…
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Mental Process Paper
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Download file to see previous pages In this paper, we shall discuss the influence of five forces on the basic development of mental models and mindsets, and a comparative analysis will be conducted to highlight the four styles of creative intelligence. Mental Process: In an organization concern authoritative bodies are responsible to carry out decision making process effectively, for which it is vital that ones thoughts must go through the process of verbalizing and then implementation of designed plan. Such a process is known as a mental process, which does also include five forces such as environmental, hereditary, education, genetic and past experiences (Young, 2011). These are important elements reflect upon the actions, reactions and thinking patterns of an individual. These five elements considerably influence the basic development of mental models and mindsets. Influences of Five Forces: We shall now briefly discuss each element to highlight their effects on the cognitive patterns of individuals working in an organization and responsible to contribute in the decision making processes of the company. Environment: Environment plays a key role in altering cognition and perceptions of employees towards particular format or decision. Scholars have noticed that environment has much intense impact on mindsets than any other force of mental process. It is mainly because the environment in which a child is brought greatly reflects his/her personality. Similarly the work environment highly contributes to encourage or de-motivate employees for their dedication towards the assigned task in the office (Wadsworth Media, 2009). Hereditary: Heredity is considered to set limitations for enhancement of characteristics. It is believed that individuals get personality traits from their parents, which influence each aspect of their life. Sometimes, intelligence and other extraordinary qualities are inherited to the individuals that help them in understanding situations and requirements in more efficient manner and as a result, such workers contribute proficiently at the work place and help generate innovative thoughts for work processes (Wadsworth Media, 2009). Education: Education is another very important element of model process as some researchers believe that education dominates all other factors. Education provides a sense of development and understanding things from wider-spectrum (Wadsworth Media, 2009). It strengthens and widens the vision of individuals, and helps them make decisions efficiently with a complete understanding of the complex situation and proficient plan required for company's sustainability. Genetics: Personalities of the individuals are genetically determined, which include mental and physical characteristics that make mindset of people different from each other. The genetic uniqueness of different employees in an organization sometime creates perplexing conditions to cooperate with each other during chaotic time (Wadsworth Media, 2009). Past Experience: As every individual is brought up in different environment with diverse experiences and events so, when these individuals work for an organization. They tend to understand the situation and solve issues with their own experiences, which are definitely different from others'. Past experiences also reshape personalities of individuals and their cognitive development that directly reflect upon their organizational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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