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Exploratory Literature Research Paper - Essay Example

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The various kinds of management and leadership styles followed by the boss have a cascading impact on the subordinates in terms of various factors: attitude towards work, motivation satisfaction, and efficiency. This has led to an increased interest in research in the management…
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Exploratory Literature Research Paper
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"Exploratory Literature Research Paper"

Download file to see previous pages pirical research about the "best" type of leadership we find support for every leadership style from “the transformational leader”, who encourages followers to ignore their self-interests for the good of the organization, to “the authoritative leader”, who runs a paternalistic organization, but treats employees with respect. The data also supports the fact that the most effective leadership is one which relies on a variety of tools from transformational to authoritative.
The topic that has been chosen by the researcher for the purpose of this study is the comparison of the various management styles impact on employee efficiency. The researcher expects that the study will be greatly useful for the research world as well as the industry.
The author expects that the insights from this research will enable industry to understand the impact of the various management styles on employee satisfaction, motivation and efficiency. The findings from the research will enable the industry to find the most appropriate management style.
The area of management style has been quite popular amongst researchers. The exploratory research will enable the researcher to present a complete picture of the existing research in the field of management styles. The study will prove to be useful as a basis for future research in the same field.
The research method that shall be chosen by the researcher in order to arrive at conclusive answers to the three questions shall be such that it shall give the researcher enough evidence to come to a conclusion.
For the first question, the researcher proposes to analyze already available literature in the field to find out what are the various management styles that have already been researched. This method which is called literature review will give a clear picture of the characteristics of various management styles that are into existence.
For answering the second question, the author will attempt to find out articles that present ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Exploratory Literature Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 Words.
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