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Main Purposes of Toys for Children - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Main Purposes of Toys for Children" discusses that another ethical issue that was also put into consideration was the gender factor and concerning this, it can be clearly noted that the researcher during the research study was very much aware of equalizing the sexes to avoid conflicts…
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Extract of sample "Main Purposes of Toys for Children"

Download file to see previous pages A duck is majorly used by the girl children, this is due to the fact that they are more frequently water lovers (Alison, 2012).
This has been a long time toy for children that they ride. It is usually either metallic or made of rubber. The loop is then made to move as it is ridden by the stick that the child in the picture is holding. The speed depends on the speed of the child and the direction as well depends on the stick as well. It is important to note that this toy is so much associated with the male children in comparison with the females (Vaid, and Meno, 2000).
Different research methodologies are very much ideal in research in the sense that it enables the researcher to come out with a lot of information that is very much vital for the study he or she is conducting (Daniel, 2006).
In the deductive approach, it is important to note that it enables the researcher to critically analyze the facts and the test hypotheses from the more general level to more the specific level. This approach is normally known as a top-down approach. What top-down approach means is that the researcher starts to think a topic that the researcher is interested in, the researcher then narrows the topic down into more specific hypotheses that the researcher is able to test. This research will, therefore, apply largely the use of the deductive approach in carrying out research. In this kind of approach, it is important to highlight that the various persons involved formulate and implement without consulting (Daniel, 2006).
An inductive approach to reasoning enables the researcher to analyses from the specific observation to wider theories and generalizations. This approach is known as the bottom-up approach. This means that the inductive approach majorly uses evidence that has arisen during the research to explain the results and the hypotheses. It is therefore important to highlight that these approaches that are bought into being by the researcher are therefore current and recent. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Main Purposes of Toys for Children Research Paper.
(Main Purposes of Toys for Children Research Paper)
Main Purposes of Toys for Children Research Paper.
“Main Purposes of Toys for Children Research Paper”.
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