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Gendered Lens - Research Paper Example

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Gendered Lens? [Name] [University] On my visit to a local toy store, I observed that there are separate sections for different toys. The purpose behind these segmentation of toys was to separate the toys of girls from those of boys. It seems to be a normal thing to see this kind of segmentation at any local store but if one has a closer look at this particular assignment of toys, one would see the after effects that they cause in the lives of the innocent children…
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Gendered Lens
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Gendered Lens

Download file to see previous pages... In the boys section the toys that could be seen included trucks, cars, toy guns, robots, helicopters etc. A quite narrow range was offered in the unisex toys by the toy store. On examining the girls’ section I observed that the entire interior was based on lots of pink stuff or to simplify it, the main color theme used for the decor of this section was based on pink color. Not only the decor but most of the toys were of pink color such as the Barbie’s dress, the teddy bears, heart shaped pillows etc. On the other side, in the boys section the interior was done in blue, while the toys present were based on action figures. While exploring this system of selecting toys one comes across several queries. These queries are based on questions such as; why is there a gender boundary for selecting toys or clothes for children? Why is that so that pink is considered to be the color for girls, while blue for boys? Why do we impose boundaries for boys to play with masculine toys such as guns and cars? Why aren’t they allow playing with Barbie or Kitchen set? There is no logic present behind this segmentation of the toys based on gender. Rather than imposing restrictions, children should be allowed to choose toys of their own choice. ...
This can be an entertaining playtime event for the children. This type of segmentation in toys also affects the playing behavior of children. The dolls and kitchens promote an image of the little girls that they are weak and they deserve to stay at home whereas, the guns and trucks to some extent are a source of promoting violence. They make the young boys think they are strong and superior to others and therefore they should exhibit and demonstrate their power over their other subordinates. The clothes of infants are too seen through the gender lens. An example of gender unity can be seen in 1800’s when children, either of boys or girls were allowed to wear white clothes, which was considered to be a gender neutral color. It was in 1918 that an infant’s department accepted pink as a color for boys because it was considered a strong color. Likewise blue was the color for girls because it was considered to be graceful and delicate. In the year 1940-1960, blue became the colors for boys while pink became the color of girls. The toy industry took notice of this issue and started a movement against gender biased toys. They have started a movement with a slogan of “Lets toys be toys” where they have strictly pledged not to produce gender specific toys. They have also decided not to market dolls to girls and action figures to boys. Even in the 21st century the girls and boys are being told that certain toys are for them as compared to the opposite sex, which limits the range of toys for them. This also influences the children and contours their idea of who they actually are. Some people do agree with the fact that it is absolutely fine when children go with different toys. I guess it is true to a certain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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