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Management of underperforming surgical trainee - Essay Example

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The purpose of this paper “Management of underperforming surgical trainee” is to provide a guide for the clinical supervisor in the performance of his/her duties in the hospital.  This is designed to give the supervisor with resources and models for the supervision work…
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Management of underperforming surgical trainee
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Extract of sample "Management of underperforming surgical trainee"

Download file to see previous pages Work place based assessment 15 Annexes: Forms template Foreword The purpose of this handbook is to provide a guide for the clinical supervisor in the performance of his/her duties in the hospital. This is designed to give the supervisor with resources and models for the supervision work and to orient the supervisor on the clinic supervision program. This is also a manifestation of our expressed commitment to provide students with excellent academic preparation. The materials contained in this manual are not intended to substitute existing ones, but rather to supplement the information. Relevant forms are attached for supervisor’s use. The Clinical Supervision The clinical supervision is a professional preparation. The experience gathered in this exercise provides the student with an opportunity to carry out professional responsibilities. The clinical supervision allows the student to integrate the academic theories learned from school to actual practice under the guidance of a clinic supervisor Clinical Supervision is defined as “formal process of professional support and learning that enables individual practitioners to develop knowledge and competence, assume responsibility for their own practice, and enhance patient protection and safety of care in a wide range of situations (“clinical supervision”). ... Shared clinical responsibility ensuring that the client’s treatment goals are addressed. A rigorous process that ensures ethical and legal responsibility. An individualized approach based on the learning needs and style of the supervisee. Congruence with the values and philosophy of the agency. Adopted from: Part 2, Chapter 2, NCBI Resources The Clinical Supervision Defining the characteristics of an Effective Clinical supervisor a. The Clinical Supervisor’s objectives The clinical supervisor’s foremost objective is to establish a positive supervisor-supervisee relationship that promotes client’s welfare and professional development of supervisee. The Clinical Supervisor has a well rounded personality as he acts as a teacher, coach, consultant, mentor, evaluator and administrator (TIP 52). The Clinical Supervisor has the following objectives in doing his jobs: 1. To help the less experienced worker improve his/her skills. 2. To ensure that patients receive the best medical care . 3. To have e clear contract of expectations, ongoing review and feedback; and a commitment to professional developments. These objectives will be discussed more thoroughly in succeeding sections of the manual. The Clinical Supervisor b. The Clinical Supervisor’s Duties and Responsibilities Responsibilities The clinical supervisor is committed to work with other departments in order to provide an outstanding customer experience. The role calls for coordinating management and clinical activities. Responsibilities include the following: Staffing Budgeting Personnel management Staff development Occasional clinical coverage and weekend house supervision Source: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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