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Trade Union UNITE - Essay Example

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Changes in Trade Union, UNITE Name Grade Course Date Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Changes in Trade Union, UNITE 3 Roles and Responsibilities of UNITE 5 Performance of UNITE 7 Productivity of UNITE 7 Conflicts and Resolution of UNITE 8 Strengths of UNITE 9 Weaknesses of UNITE 10 Need of Change in UNITE 11 Areas Requiring Change 12 Impact of Change in an Organisation and Economic Development 12 Conclusion and Recommendations for Change 14 References 15 Changes in Trade Union, UNITE The wave of industrialisation invited the investors and entrepreneurs to establish many organisations which can be used to boost economic activity and generate employment opportunities as well…
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Trade Union UNITE
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Download file to see previous pages Management wants high profits and lower costs so that profitability can be maximised. For achieving such a target, the employees are affected by the management. In the urge to reduce the cost of production and operation, at times the management ignored the genuine rights of workers striving hard to achieve the organisational goals. They overlook the fact that it is due to their valuable workforce that they are able to achieve their desired targets and profits for the firm. If the employees do not perform their job roles, then there is no way the organisation can complete its target in its stipulated time period. Employees need to be given strong consideration by all organisations but mostly it is observed that employees at times are taken for granted by organisations. As workers realized that they are the major drivers of production and operation cycles and all the activities are dependent upon them, they rightfully thought of protecting their interest. The workers working for their rights is important for them as they should not be taken by granted by the organisation and should be provided with the complete resources for conducting their tasks effectively and efficiently. Particularly speaking in the context of workplace, the workers raised their voice to improve their working conditions and get the recognition of their inevitable role in the organisational functions. The body established with this purpose was named as trade union. Trade Unions are in place since long to protect the rights of workers at workplace (Smethurst and Ryan, 2009). They serve as independent organisations whereby the workers serving in various organisations register themselves to protect their rights and interests. In case of conflict of interest between the management and worker, the trade union is considered to be the representative of worker. The trade union can be approached by the worker concerning the issues they have with the organisation, and the trade union takes action accordingly, either through negotiation or other resolution strategies. It is an organised entity which is backed by Law in the country. The labour laws promote the workers to be part of the trade union so that it can be strengthened and the interests of workers can be protected to the maximum (Scrope and Barnett, 2008). The importance of trade unions increases in the developed countries like UK. The reason lies in the fact that these countries are economically developed and organisations are well settled. The regulation has great control over them so that they can play important role in the overall development of the country. As labour is considered to be a force, its empowerment may lead to significant consequences at workplace. It is important to note, that the modern world is highly dynamic and unpredictable. The modern workforce is also knowledgeable and is well versed with the labour laws of the country; hence they work towards retrieving their rights at the optimum level, either through trade unions or other legal ways. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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