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Mobilization Theory in Understanding Trade Union Activism - Research Paper Example

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This paper attempts to understand trade union activists from the mobilization theory perspective based on reasons like perceived injustice, influenced by authority and political power, employers’ objectives etc. In addition, it also outlines the changed pattern of trade union objectives…
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Mobilization Theory in Understanding Trade Union Activism
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Extract of sample "Mobilization Theory in Understanding Trade Union Activism"

Download file to see previous pages This theory has been deduced in various manners, from psychological, sociological, industrial and other aspects; all of these explain the movement of large numbers of people towards bringing about the specific change through actions such as collaborative discussions, collective bargaining, strikes, and agitations etc. This paper attempts to understand trade union activists from the mobilization theory perspective based on reasons like perceived injustice, influenced by authority and political power, employers’ objectives etc. In addition, it also outlines the changed pattern of trade union objectives, along with the issues and challenges that trade unions faced in the past and are facing in the present times.
Mobilization theory revolves around complex plans made by entrepreneurs for deriving optimum work, maximum profits and to gain a competitive advantage by establishing relationships with key people in the industry and the state. Overall, it describes ways and means to establish worker relations from a sociological aspect. The theory has been applied to different principles of industrial relations by various scholars. From the perspective of the sociology of work, it has been applied to exclusively understand the political dimensions of worker relations that impact industries and employee relations. From a mobilization theory perspective, as opined by Atzeni (2009; p.5), ‘workers have to pass through a certain number of psychological/organizational stages before a collective action can materialize.’ The psychological and organizational stages include the notion of injustice, collective action powered by political influences and/or industry owners, industrial actions, political activity, and welfare associations.
Research and evidence indicate that trade unions primarily function through social movements in which an organized group acts consciously to promote or resist change through collective action.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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