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Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Strategic Development System for Effective Staff Motivational Management - Essay Example

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INTRODUCTION Business are changing with every passing day and businesses that show the flexibility to adapt these changes maintain the survival while businesses that show rigidness against this changing environment are vanished despite their level of strong business muscles…
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Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Strategic Development System for Effective Staff Motivational Management
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Extract of sample "Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Strategic Development System for Effective Staff Motivational Management"

Download file to see previous pages The industry took a long time to recover the lost trust and business momentum. Once the sector managed to engage more air travelers the worldwide financial crises again put hit and harnessed the growth momentum. This hit is still pressing airlines and entire industry setup is changing with increasing deregulation, privatization, and open skies policies etc; all intent to meet growing challenges and align with the pace of change. Hence the industry though has high barrier for competitors to enter but it has agility to respond to the happenings round the world is very high. Aviation industry as matter of research has taken place in the recent past and researcher asserts that attention to aviation industry has recently grown and still requires to be explored. However, attempt to explore the commercial airline has barrier of cooperation from managers who are very resilient in sharing the relevant information. Hence, the researcher following the strategy of many other researchers has contented on the available researches from secondary sources. This report has objective to explore the cabin crew component of the human resources of airline industry. Cabin crews are frontline representatives of airline and like every front line representative of the business or brand they carry entire brand within their on-flight behavior with passenger. Hence, this resource is equally important as other human resource such as pilot who is carrier the technical expertise while cabin crews are entire company and reflection of its strategy to passenger. As the cabin crew aspect is itself a completed domain to explore, the scope of this study has been defined or limited to explore the cabin crew resource management at Emirate Airline; among the leading airlines in world and the leader in Middle East. Emirate Airline has managed to gain the continuous improvement and hence growth while giving equal focus to the employee. The airline attributes its all success mainly to the efforts of its people. This report has been developed in three sections; first section focuses on the development through background regarding aviation industry its current position and expected future trend. Since the domain of the study is human resource the researcher has provided detailed discussion of the aspects of human resources including the importance of recruitment, training and motivation in context of the cabin crew. The study follows with shedding light on the importance of these understudy front line representatives. Role, challenges and the impact of other factors such as 9/11 incident and psychological factors have been developed. Followed is information related to recruitment and selection, productivity as well as the future prospects has been discussed. One developing the literature about the human resource management with respect to cabin crew in general, second section of the report has analyzed the Emirates airline conduct of operation in the understudy segment of the human resource. The research has provided the initially provided detailed background of the airline. Later the study examines the recruitment and selection, performance measurement and motivational tools used by emirates to keep the crew member turnover controlled. In third and last section, the researcher on based on the knowledge developed on the basis of this research has provided some suggestion for improvement with concluding remark. 1.1- OVERVIEW OF AVIATION INDUSTRY ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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