International Human Resources Practice in the United States - Assignment Example

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‘Human Resource Management’ (HRM) is the term used to define different processes required for managing the employees in an organisation.It has been observed that majority of the organisations worldwide do value their people-asset, i.e. employees…
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International Human Resources Practice in the United States
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Download file to see previous pages employees. Human resource managers tend to develop various strategies to improve the qualities of the employees through training and development. Traditionally, the role of human resource managers was associated with recruitment and selecting the right candidate for the job. However, modern day requirements are much higher than the traditional processes. The managers require developing strategies for the employees in order to support the overall organisational objectives. A few factors have influenced HR Managers while deciding upon the appropriate approaches to effective management of the employees. The external factors are influencing largely to the human resource practices such as recruitment, induction and customer service. These factors may include the cultural, political, social and economical situations of a country that largely need to be considered while practicing human resource management. Thus, these factors prevalent within the United States need to be assessed by the organisations before an appropriate model for optimum utilisation of human resources can be designed. As suggested by Mueller and Clarke (1998), the US based HRM approach is a merit-based reward system that focuses on the incremental compensation for the exchange of performance. They further added that this approach cannot be applied in all countries. It is the culture and nationality that play an imperative role in decision making and distribution processes. According to Armstrong (2006), the prime goal of human resource management is to enable strategic planning which will develop the employees to contribute on the organisations success. As observed by Hofstede (n.d.), through the 5-D model, the national culture of the US is individualistic in nature, which has influenced the organisational culture. Thus, it can be said that individualism prevails among the employees of the organisation. Furthermore, it can be assumed that HRM in the US is focussed on the individual employees, rather than teams. Thus, strategies that will benefit an individual employee, and motivate him/her for producing efficient working skills are designed by HR professionals. Internationalisation of companies has led to following various cultures based on the local culture of the US. The US is the headquartered to many international companies which are spread all over the world. Therefore, it can be assumed that the culture of US is followed in majority of the companies branches spread across the globe. Thus, it is equally essential for HR managers to find a healthy balance between the global organisational culture and local culture of the country. Cultural Aspects Related to International Human Resource Management Recruitment It has been observed that the initial stage in the International Human Resource Management (IHRM) process is the recruitment of the appropriate candidate exclusively for the job. This is an important task of the HR personnel as the candidate’s behaviour and knowledge will be reflected in the working environment of the organisation. As observed by Denning (1998), cultural differences have embarked on the recruitment procedures of employees by HR professiona ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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