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Strategic Human Resource Practices - Essay Example

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The largest private sector employer in the UK, Tesco is working with more than 280,000 employees. This supermarket chain has a core belief that their success depends on their people: the people who work with them and the people who shop with them. …
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Strategic Human Resource Practices
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Download file to see previous pages The company encourages team working, building trust, sharing knowledge and expertise to achieve optimal employee satisfaction (Bowman 2012). Tesco is regarded as a market leader in the retail sector and it has acquired this by conducting little deeds that really mean a lot to customers and employees. Tesco also believes in treating its employees with respect and providing equal opportunity to all. The company’s core beliefs revolve around the concepts of the significance of its people which help the company to create value for the customers and earning loyalty for a long time (Bowman 2012). 2.0 SHRM Practice 1 : HR Planning Human Resource planning is one of the highly important and potent practices an organization adopts. If the employees of an organization are not good enough to carry out objectives, there will be no chance for the organization to succeed or flourish. Recruiting talented people for the right jobs is the core concept of HR planning. It is a unique approach towards employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic use of highly dedicated and talented workforce, using a range of cultural, organizational and personnel procedures. It also refers to the strategic perspective in managing people and regarding people precious assets rather than only a variable cost (Brook 2013, pp. 10 - 15). Human Resource planning is crucial for any business in a number of ways. It provides quality workforce, cut down labor costs, provides opportunities to raise the skills of employees, boost motivation, and ensures health safety (Collings 2013, p. 227–328). Human Resource planning makes certain that the workforce is motivated to present constant and smooth functions of an organization. This means, human resource...
Strategic Human resource Management (SHRM) has expanded significantly in managing important resources. Nowadays, SHRM has become more crucial for service organizations, like Tesco. The Strategic Human Resource Management is the earnest solution of the human resource board and policy matters so as to boost the effectiveness of an organization. Business strategy for service or retail organizations like Tesco has to understand a range of stakeholders’ interest and appease these within a framework of strategy agreeable to them all. SHRM is thus an important element of a broader reticulation of business administration and strategy. SHRM will enhance the productivity and success of Tesco through continuous and stable progress it would undergo within next five years. In a nutshell, it is vital that SHRM practices are core elements in proceeding proper procedures intact to ascertain that the Tesco’s long term goals are met. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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