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Hotel Human Resource - Essay Example

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Tourism is a sector that involves movement by people to places that are considered to have aesthetic, mystical, religious and historical value among other reasons. Holidaymakers are ready to spend money depending on the value they attach to the experience as well as the services…
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Hotel Human Resource
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Download file to see previous pages ty industry has enhanced the overall productivity of the industry as more innovative and competent workers are being engaged in tour companies and hotels. This paper discusses current issues regarding human resources in the hotel sector.
Human resource development in the tourism sector is the foundation for successful business. Hotels offer a package of services in contrast to many other businesses that offer a single product. A customer may require accommodation and catering services, transport as well as links to experienced tour guides. Each of the departments must be equipped with competent employees that contribute to the overall quality of customer experience. Failure in the provisions of any of the departments may negatively affect the entire package offered by the hotel and hence the recent efforts by hotels to engage in strategic human resource management practices. According to (Busquets, 2010), tourism is expected to employ more than 290 million people by 2020 and is currently contributing 30% of global export services.
The hotel sector needs to enhance human resource development to cope with the rising demand for quality services. Competition is constantly increasing as more business people continue investing in the sector thereby offering customers a wide range of choices. Hotel managers have to ensure that they attract as many customers as possible through offering quality services and maintaining innovativeness to preserve market leadership. However, Clark and Chen (2007) observe that competitiveness in the sector significantly depends on the ability to satisfy customers, which in turn is associated with staff competence, especially at the customer contact zone. The managers need to maintain a supportive role to ensure that front line employees maintain the expected standards to attract and retain customers. Employee satisfaction is critical to the accomplishment of the goals of the hotel sector. Human resource managers may be wrong to expect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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