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Issues, Theories & Practice in Organizational Behavior (Hospitality Industry) - Essay Example

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The Sheraton group of hotels has been used as the focus on the issues of globalization as analyzed in this paper. The human resource issues raised by globalization in the hospitality…
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Issues, Theories & Practice in Organizational Behavior (Hospitality Industry)
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Extract of sample "Issues, Theories & Practice in Organizational Behavior (Hospitality Industry)"

Download file to see previous pages s by proposing ways through which the hotel can use to improve the human resource aspect while adopting the globalization trend moving into the future.
Globalization can be defined as a way through which companies move from the native countries and start their operations in other countries. It entails several aspects like operations, products among others. It can be identified as a means through which companies avail their services in many countries around the world. In recent times, the desire for companies to attain globalization has been on the rise. Going international makes many companies discover new markets. In the hospitality industry, the globalization trend has been extensively employed as there are numerous hotels within this industry which have an international outlook. The demand for high standards of hospitality services can be identified as the global feature driving these companies towards globalization.
The demand for hospitality services has been on the rise as international business increases across the globe. The rate of movement by people around the world has increased tremendously in the 21st century. The demand for hospitality services like hotel rooms continues to increase annually as the years progress. Hotels continue to expand their services in the aim of satisfying their clients. Loyal clients of hotels have been the main reason for the desire to globalize within the hospitality industry. The competition within the industry continues to rise as new organizations come into the market (Aaker, pg 5). Globalization has become the new way to create an extra market for the organization within the hospitality industry.
The creation of an international brand is crucial for many organizations within this industry. People travel from numerous places in the world, and with an international brand, a hotel can easily sell the name once it enters into the new market. While creating an internationally recognized brand is an essential requirement for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Issues, Theories & Practice in Organizational Behavior (Hospitality Essay.
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