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Managing Workforce Diversity Table of Contents The importance of managing workforce diversity 2 Analysis of different types of workforce diversity that exist in the organization 6 Analysis of the management strategies in the organization for managing workforce diversity 9 Conclusion 12 Recommendation 12 Reference 13 The importance of managing workforce diversity In today’s world, we can see there is a complex relation between the multitalented management and the diverse group of workforce…
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Case study report
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Download file to see previous pages Today organizations are emerging as diverse workforce in terms of gender race and civilization. Therefore, changes in the organization demographic condition and rapid advancement in technology lead to unresolved disputes in the workplace, which raises the issue of equal employment legislation. By definition, diversity refers to a variety of demographic features describing a company’s workforce, which comprises of race, sex, culture, religion etc. It signifies removing the difference among the people belonging to different cultures, gender, caste etc. In short, managing the diversity maximizes the diversities of company’s demographic characteristics and minimizing the potential barriers in the workforce, which can hamper the company’s growth and performance. By conducting diversity management programs in the organization, managers will be able to provide strong leadership in the diverse workgroup through which they can represent themselves as role models for exemplifying their pro diversity behaviors and helping each individual in the workgroup to overcome from the different circumstances. Therefore, good management practices will help the organization to attract the best talents from different sources and in this way, the company will be able to save his time and money in recruitment and turnover costs. Today managing the diversity has become a biggest challenge for the organization to manage the generation X, generation Y, and baby boomers. These three generations in the workforce include unique characteristics that make them different from the members of the other workgroup. Therefore, one should care about managing the diversity because it will help the managers to gain the commitment from the employees and developing a better working force. In other way, it will help the organization to create a pleasant and healthy environment in order to attract the new generations and gaining the reputation in the market. For example, Singapore’s workforce focuses on creating culture diversity in their workforce by engaging employees from different generations, nationalities, caste etc that develops a sweet and pleasant environment in an organization. Hence, it has proved that managing diversity in the workforce is important because it helps the organization to assess the performance of the employees. In contrast, if the HR is not able to manage the diversity present in teams, the teams overall performance will lead to employee dissatisfaction in the working environment. Therefore, diversity within a team may strengthen the team’s external communication and its ability to interact and coordinate with the other teams (Kepner, Wysocki, Lopez & Green, 2012). Now days, the managers need to understand that mostly women impel the diversity in the organizations. Recruiting single mothers and increasing the participation level of the women will help the organization in building a reputation in the market and improving the quality of working life. While managing the diversity in the workplace managers need to understand that diversity not only indicates employees’ belonging from different nationalities but it is the different individuals who carry with themselves the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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